ascent foundation

The ascent foundation was set up by Helmut Rahm and Georg Schwan on September 4th, 2001 in Karlsruhe as an independent and charitable foundation of the civil law and was approved on September 25th, 2001 by the regional council. Foundation purpose is the foreign aid as well as the promotion of social projects – e.g. which support pursues of children’s homes and handicapped person facilities. The first project of the foundation was the facilities of a day-nursery in White Russia for social orphans. The company behind the foundation is fondspecialist ascent.

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Observation in Münster

This time, our detectives received an order from a couple from Osnabrück, whose daughter studied in Münster. The young woman was unable to walk and the only child of the client. The contact with the daughter broke down completely, as several confrontations took place because of the friend’s daughter, who was many years older than them. The parents not only did not accepted the man’s age, but although his professional career as a simple artisan. The assumption was natural for the couple that this man could only take advantage of her daughter.

The observation of the “young couple” began in the joint residential address in Münster. We knew that the vehicle and two bicycles were used as a means of transportation. Accordingly, we were equipped: with a bike and a camouflaged observation bus.

The result after three days of observation, however, was not what worried the parents of the young woman. The friend was in every respect, very attentive to his partner. In case of joint undertakings, he took into consideration her disabilities. While shopping, he was always helpful. The handling was conspicuously affectionate. Our reporting and recorded video led to spme noticeable improvements. A few weeks later the parents informed us that the contact to their daughter had be restored.

After four years I had another observation in Münster, this time because of unwarranted sick leave. My observations took place at a sidewalk café. As luck would have it, an unlikely pair strolled past me. A young woman with a walking disability. He much older than her. Tall, slender, almost skinny. His hair strongly gone gray. He lovingly held her hand. On the other side her basket.

Translation from an Observation in Münster made by Detektei Daldrup . Author Gernod Große Daldrup.

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looking forward

So right now it makes sense to do a forward loan comparison. the interest rates are cheap, cheaper than ever and if you want to borrow money, it's better now than never. To get a feel for the current conditions and future developments, it is worth using a forward loan calculator. But as everywhere, you shouldn't take hasty steps, but rather analyze everything in peace and then act. looking forward is the motto. :)

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rutenplaner test

this is just a small test. a rutenplaner test . it’s a mixed language text. dieser text dient lediglich testzwecken und ist ein mix aus deutscher und englischer sprache. let’s see what happens. lassen wir uns überraschen. eine übersetzung von rutenplaner test ins englische ist aber nicht von nöten. es wäre dennoch interessant ein passendes sprachliches gegenstück zu entdecken.

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Happy New Year 2012!

I wish you peace, fun, happiness and all the best of everything for 2012. I wish you a Happy New Year! And now the same in german: frohes neues jahr ! Friede, Freude, Glück und alles Gute für das JAhr 2012.

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Blog as a means of customer communication

After forums and before Facebook, blogs were the ideal tool for customer communication. Easier to maintain than forums, better to control than Facebook. A weblog should actually be attached to every slightly larger website. On the one hand, you can get information about yourself and the company, introduce new products, rate or criticize products and so on. On the other hand, you can also seek a conversation with the customer. Advertise potential customers. Promote yourself, for example by answering difficult questions on the topic. That shows competence, that creates trust. As in the case of Manfred Walter with his website on the subject of PkV. Here visitors have asked hundreds of questions on the blog over the years, all of which Manfred has answered. And that, although some questions involved considerable research effort. But that's the only way it works with the neighbors / internet. ;-)

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seo jones coming soon

I would like to announce the arrival of Seo Jones, the last crusader of the Seonic Order. Appropriate to the Christmas Festival we will tell you the story of the famous Seo Archeologist Jones, experiencing the magic of christmas eve. The original story has been published in german language under the title Seo Jones und der Weihnachtsmann . The word Weihnachstmann translates to Santa Claus.

The christmas story is not the first posting about Seo Jones, by this time it’s part of a series of five stories. Author of the Seo Jones adventure stories is Andre Maßmann, a german Wortartist . The five stories have been published at the german seo blog , starting with “Seo Jones and the backlink of death”. The idea is to translate all five stories from german to english and publish them at . The marketing and distribution of Seo Jones articles and media is brought to you by the german Seo-Klitsche ( ), a satirical seo magazine.

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search engine round table

For me, the website is a great model for a round table Search Engine Roundtable With a weblog in the center and flanged forums, visitors are not only presented with interesting articles by selected SEO experts, but also offered suitable opportunities for dialogue. This is exactly what I wanted to establish in Germany many years ago. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, the idea never came to fruition. However, the idea is not entirely forgotten. Perhaps, on the basis of this website, we will succeed in making an advance in this direction. In any case, I am now also writing in German here. I can do that much better than English :)

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round table

It has been an old idea of mine to establish a round table via weblog. a place where experts could meet and discuss ideas and problems and spread information. a weblog would be the ideal podium for such a discussion round table. comments from visitors would give it that extra something. Each of them can make self development plan and follow it to improve yourself and others.

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About headphones

Welcome to our website, we like to listen to music, when we create something new for you, maybe you will be interested,plantronics backbeat fit 2100

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