Observation in Münster

This time, our detectives received an order from a couple from Osnabrück, whose daughter studied in Münster. The young woman was unable to walk and the only child of the client. The contact with the daughter broke down completely, as several confrontations took place because of the friend’s daughter, who was many years older than them. The parents not only did not accepted the man’s age, but although his professional career as a simple artisan. The assumption was natural for the couple that this man could only take advantage of her daughter.

The observation of the “young couple” began in the joint residential address in Münster. We knew that the vehicle and two bicycles were used as a means of transportation. Accordingly, we were equipped: with a bike and a camouflaged observation bus.

The result after three days of observation, however, was not what worried the parents of the young woman. The friend was in every respect, very attentive to his partner. In case of joint undertakings, he took into consideration her disabilities. While shopping, he was always helpful. The handling was conspicuously affectionate. Our reporting and recorded video led to spme noticeable improvements. A few weeks later the parents informed us that the contact to their daughter had be restored.

After four years I had another observation in Münster, this time because of unwarranted sick leave. My observations took place at a sidewalk café. As luck would have it, an unlikely pair strolled past me. A young woman with a walking disability. He much older than her. Tall, slender, almost skinny. His hair strongly gone gray. He lovingly held her hand. On the other side her basket.

Translation from an Observation in Münster made by Detektei Daldrup . Author Gernod Große Daldrup.

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