seo jones coming soon

I would like to announce the arrival of Seo Jones, the last crusader of the Seonic Order. Appropriate to the Christmas Festival we will tell you the story of the famous Seo Archeologist Jones, experiencing the magic of christmas eve. The original story has been published in german language under the title Seo Jones und der Weihnachtsmann . The word Weihnachstmann translates to Santa Claus.

The christmas story is not the first posting about Seo Jones, by this time it’s part of a series of five stories. Author of the Seo Jones adventure stories is Andre Maßmann, a german Wortartist . The five stories have been published at the german seo blog , starting with “Seo Jones and the backlink of death”. The idea is to translate all five stories from german to english and publish them at . The marketing and distribution of Seo Jones articles and media is brought to you by the german Seo-Klitsche ( ), a satirical seo magazine.

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