A Career in Medicine – Combination of My Enthusiasm for Science and My Drive to Help Others

Published: 2021-07-13 20:20:06
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To put it simply, it is my interest in anatomy and physiology along with my unwavering desire to aid others that has confirmed my resolve to study medicine. Since graduating in 2017, I have considered all my career options and have been exposed to a multitude of medical stimuli that have strengthened my aspiration to become a Doctor.
Investing time working for the NHS in a variety of environments has fuelled my appetite for medicine. These experiences informed me that medicine is a continuous endeavour, with many challenges, but also exposed me to resilient and empathetic doctors who have inspired me to pursue this demanding profession. This past year I have worked as a Theatre Support Worker in Poole Hospital Day/Main theatres. This provided a meaningful insight into working within the NHS and I saw firsthand the struggles it encounters daily, like frequent staff shortages and how this affects patients. I was impressed by surgeons’ composure as they operated in intense and complex circumstances.Observing anatomy I had only ever studied, in reality, was remarkable. In the recovery room, I spent time with nurses and anaesthetists taking observations where I recognised the altruistic qualities possessed by medical staff as they comforted vulnerable patients. Seeing this motivated me to implement this behaviour into my own practical work. Shadowing a GP in Norfolk challenged my misconceptions of primary care, showing its pivotal role in healthcare. I realised that GP’s see patients health as a whole entity as opposed to more specialised medical disciplines, as they are responsible for patients life-long care. The GP’s considerate approach with his patients emphasised how crucial developing a good rapport is, whilst home visits to the critically ill indicated how essential GP’s are to the wider community.
I volunteered in India with Hyderabad Cleft Society (HCS) in 2013. This led to an awareness of medicine within a developing country. Volunteering in an Orphanage, although at times distressing, was extremely rewarding. The doctors working for HCS were committed to rehabilitating these children through teamwork and organisation. I was overwhelmed by the compassion demonstrated by these doctors. Helping run a medical society at school developed my basic knowledge of different medical specialities and improved my interpersonal skills. In 2015, I became inspired by ‘Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)’; especially their work in the West Africa Ebola outbreak (2014). MSF articles explaining difficulties in combatting the disease influenced me into writing ‘Predicting the Next Viral Pandemic’, a dissertation. I discussed the dissemination and virulence of Ebola in rural and urban Africa, via improper barrier nursing. This furthered my perception of foreign healthcare, highlighting qualities necessary for emergency aid: courage and perseverance. As a doctor, time management and a healthy work-life balance is imperative. I enjoy netball and playing at university has taught me to perform well under pressure.
When I travelled through Asia in Summer 2016/2017, I was captivated by the variety of cultures I saw and this allowed me to learn more about my own ancestry. Whilst travelling, I experienced generosity like no other; I therefore aspire to show such kindness to others. As a Deputy Head Girl, I learnt key public speaking skills and organised an annual Christmas party for the elderly. Volunteering with Brownie girl guides, allowed me to communicate my skills to a younger generation, including first aid and cooking skills.
From my experiences, I understand that the discipline of medicine is mentally and physically arduous, however I want nothing more than to pursue a profession that is inherently good and amalgamates both my enthusiasm for science and my drive to help others.

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