A Cricket Career of Virat Kohli

Published: 2021-07-01 12:00:05
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It began a long time back, almost a decade when a young Delhi boy known as Virat Kohli came into the picture emerging from the under -19 days. His toughness was shown for the very first time during the Vizag ODI where he won a game along with Gautam Gambhir.
Thereafter came ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 where he scored two centuries that gave him the exposure to fight against the odds. His very first test century at the Adelaide oval made him tougher and transformed his entire character as a player. Soon he was named as the “CHASEMASTER” as he chased down targets, one after the other, on his own and scored the fastest ODI century by any Indian.He had his downside during the England 2014 tour, but he came back in a much more stronger and matured manner during the Australia 2014 tour, where he was known for his famous sweep shots to Nathan Lyon and for those pull shots to Mitchell Johnson.
Then came a sudden responsibility onto his shoulders. He was soon appointed as the captain for the Indian Test side, which in turn not only improved his performance but also helped his team flourished. After a long-long time, we saw the Indian pace battery getting opponents out in a very cheap manner and in turn allowing the Indian batsmen to play in a more free-way. The away tours were again a very huge mountain to climb but I feel though India lost the South Africa series 2-1, the games were very close and the most positive thing was that the Indian bowlers bowled the opposition out in each of the innings.
Coming back to England with a monkey on his back, Kohli performed well this time in red-ball cricket and, that to with such elegancy and with a new solid technique adapting to the conditions perfectly well. India lost the Pataudi trophy 4-1 but Kohli gained a lot from it by overcoming his haunts from the previous tour as a result of which he was awarded as the player of the series. He has amassed a total of 18,028 runs across all the three forms with an average of above 50 in all the three formats.
Going ahead, comparisons are now being done about whether he is the next Sachin Tendulkar or not but according to my point of view, he is a different personality, he has his own strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone is perfect but one can only improve over his/her imperfections.

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