A Healthier Lifestyle for Busy People

Published: 2021-07-04 02:05:04
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Citizen’s all around the country get up in the morning, eat, head off to work, eat again, leave work for home, and eat once again. Where the hell does all this food get stored in our bodies if we don’t have time to be active or have a family? After most people get a degree or just a common job, their life consists of work. They go on with life not evening thinking about physical appearance, health, or eating habits. At this point, it may feel kind of hopeless, but there plenty of things you can do that are incredibly easy to transition to a healthier lifestyle!!Whenever we eat, how much do we fill up our plates? How much is given to us in a to-go box we picked up from the dairy queen? We don’t think about it because our body and mind are so used to the size our plates look and the amount our stomach can hold. Little do people realize, our stomach can shrink and expand 3 times its size. In turn, eating healthier does not always do the trick if you are stuffing your face with massive amounts of dietary foods that come across your eye. Put some thought into food that tastes good, and also healthy for the body. As you eat less, until proper proportion, your stomach will become accustomed to the amount of food you need. This helps always being so hungry, become nonexistent anymore. Now half of what you used to eat will be fulfilling to your body.
Eating proper proportions relevant to your height and weight can dramatically decrease your stomach size over time. It only takes a week maybe two! As stated in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if food portion sizes are reduced it could possibly recalibrate perceptions of how a “normal” plate of food looks to a consumer. Most every person works Monday- Friday from 9-5 or 8-4. Whether it be a desk job, electrician, laboratory scientist, cook, professor, or taxi driver, almost all of them have the same complaint. I just don’t have enough time. Beyond tired of hearing this, I am going to explain how simple and easy it is for a middle-aged person to get some exercise. Everyone thinks they have to go to the gym to workout. The only thing the gym has that most do not is metal weights and sorry to say but you are not going to become a bodybuilder, your time is over for that perfect beach body. Do you work in an office, or outside, or somewhere with a flat ground? Most will say yes, some may say not, but primarily we all work in an environment with a generally flat ground. Now have you ever heard of something called push-ups, or sit-ups? No, well they are both very simple concepts. Two core muscle workouts to tone you’re your chest, arms, core, and upper back. The crazy thing is, you can do them anywhere at any time! No more excuse of “I don’t have time”. You simply get on the ground chest down, place your hand’s shoulder with apart, put your toes together and push up. The only thing touching the ground should be your toes and palms. Push up and slowly let your body down to where your chest barely skims the ground. Do as many reps as you can 3 times a day and increase by 1 rep per day. For sit-ups simply lay down flat on your back, bend your knees and bring your heals fairly close to your butt. From this position simply crunch your core by lift your back and head off the floor bringing your chest to your knees and slowly lay back down. Do as many as possible 3 times daily. Not only push-ups and sit-ups, but there are plenty of workouts outs that only take 30 minutes or less. Drop down on the job site when you have a little time or after you get off your 9-5 at the office spend 30 minutes doing a workout.
Take note that this workout isn’t going to help you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you will notice a loss in body fat and an overall better feeling throughout your average day. eating nutritious and exercising go hand in hand, but without one the other cannot work at its full potential. Remember proportion before consumption, nutrition is a habit, make it a lifestyle to follow, and give a little time to feed your body with good exercise.

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