A Theory of Flat Earth and the Emerging of the Flat Earthers Community

Published: 2021-07-07 10:40:05
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Bill Bryson meant that we’re not seeing stars as they currently are, but because we’re tens of thousands of light years away from the closest star to our planet, is that were actually seeing stars as they were when their light left them, due to the extremely large distance between our planet and them. Evans has a unique talent for memorizing star fields, which helps allow him to locate supernovae, which is the term used for what happens when a giant star explodes. Bryson writes that he expected Robert Evans to have a small scale observatory located in his very own backyard, and was surprised when he actually had a telescope the size of a water heater. Now, granted, that’s still very large for a telescope to someone like me, but still very small compared to the observatory sized telescope Bryson expected him to have. One spoonful of a neutron star would weigh 200 billion pounds. This is because of how dense the core of a neutron star is. Fritz Zwicky’s woke was mostly ignored because of how his colleagues viewed him as a person. They saw him as irritating and not all that smart, and aggressive. This is why his work was ignored for so long. Only 2000 stars are visible with the naked eye from earth at any given spot, but a total of 6000 can be seen from earth. With binoculars, the number of stars that can be seen from any spot rises to 50000, and 3000000 that can be seen from earth total. Evans began looking for supernovae in 1980, when fewer than 60 supernovae had been discovered before that. Evans has discovered a grand total 36 supernovae as of early 2003. Astronomers do not think a supernova is likely to impact earth, because of how far away the nearest stars to us are, and how large they are. For a supernova to truly impact earth, the star would have to be 10 to 20 times as large as our sun, and no stars of that size are anywhere near us. The nearest star that could possibly become a supernova is Betelgeuse, but it’s located around 50000 light years away, making it unable to impact earth.
Astronomers think that we wouldn’t be here without supernova because of how they created. It would take something mind-blowingly hot to create heavier elements. It would take a temperature of 100 million degrees, possibly even more, to make the heavier elements. A supernova explosion can reach this seemingly impossibly high temperature, and is therefore why astronomers think supernova created the heavier elements, which we would not be here without. The number of stars visible to the naked eye in the sky at any given point on earth is 2000. The different stars visible differ from season to season, because of the earth’s rotation on its axis. This is because the earth is a sphere, and definitely not as flat as it seemed to us most of the time. However, some people simply refuse to believe that. Called Flat Earthers, this unique group of people wholeheartedly thinks that the earth is flat. Completely disregarding all of the pictures taken from space that clearly show the sphere shape, they still believe the earth to be flat, such as how it’s portrayed in a two dimensional map. I myself am not a flat earther, despite the sticker in my binder claiming that “It’s Flat.” To me, it’s more of an inside joke with my mother, who even gifted me a mug last Christmas with the words proclaiming me to be an Official Member of the Flat Earth Society printed on the side. However, I trust that NASA doesn’t photoshop pictures of the earth taken from space and accept that the earth isn’t flat.Flat earthers just decide to disregard that fact, and the idea that if the earth was flat, some poor unfortunate soul would’ve fallen off the edge by now. I both loathe and somewhat admire flat earthers for their undying ability to remain unafraid when it comes to voicing their opinion on the shape of the earth. I actually find it somewhat entertaining, to be honest. For example, my mother once pointed out an article written by some sort of flat earth society, addressed to “All our members around the globe.” Looking back at this, I can’t help but wonder what the earth would be like if it was indeed flat. If the earth truly was flat, there’s no way of saying whether or not gravity would work, let alone even exist. Some believe that gravity would just pull everything straight down, but that’s not quite how it would work. Gravity would instead pull everything closer to the center of the now disc-shaped earth, pulling all water to the center, even making plants grow horizontal. Then there’s the matter if the sun. Seeing as the earth solves around the sun, because it has more gravity. If the earth was shaped like a pancake and therefore didn’t have gravity, it would simply shoot away in a straight line, right out of our solar system. Therefore, also due to the loss of gravity, the use of satellites would be impossible. And because of that, GPS would be nonexistent, and the moon wouldn’t be able to orbit earth either. Now, there are also some who think the moon if fake, called moon truthers, but that’s an entirely different subject.
To sum up, flat earthers still refuse to believe that the earth isn’t flat, despite the evidence that shows it isn’t. In addition, all the photographs of the clearly spherical globe and even more evidence that shows gravity wouldn’t even exist. While I respect flat earthers’ opinion, I simply cannot agree with them in any way, shape or form based on the mountain of evidence that clearly shows the earth, is in fact, not flat.

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