About Myself and My Communication Style

Published: 2021-07-06 22:05:04
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I am originally from Bangladesh. I came to the USA almost 25 years ago and since then have considered this country as my own. I am happily married to a very wonderful husband, and together we have three grown-up children. Due to the responsibilities to my family, I could not get a chance to finish my education, and therefore, after 19 years I came back to school to finish my education.
I have an interest in writing stories in my native language of Bengali, and I wish to publish them someday. I love music. Music gives me strength and energy as well. I love gardening. I like to travel and enjoy long drives. I am a good cook, according to my family and friends. I am always interested in healthy eating, nutrition, and exercise.According to the online quiz, I have been classified as Amiable, which is very true for me. Here are the reasons for my being Amiable:

I am modest but hard working, and no matter what, I consistently set firm goals for myself.
I am not an individual who needs to be micromanaged; rather, I love to set my own goals.
I am very focused on my duties and always strong minded to do well in every aspect.
I am easygoing, who sees the world as full of opportunity.
I do work necessary to tilt the chances that the greatest will happen.
My strengths are dedication and punctuality to the work which has been assigned to me.
I believe in living a humble, kind, and grounded life, though, I still sometimes struggle with my short temper. 8. I am confident in my abilities to produce while I am prepared for the worst.
I always remain positive and keep my curiosity level high.
I care about close relationships and always try to avoid the influence of others.
I am very trustworthy and try to be honest. I enjoy joy.
I am so emotional. I am emotionally attached to loved ones and to the people for whom I care; I am very bad controlling my emotions, which is a weakness of mine. I feel that people always take advantage of this emotion.
I am a people-oriented person, but I can live alone if I needed to. People consider me as a very versatile person who can spend time with any race, age, and gender.
My actions speak more than my words. I am a dreamer who loves reality. I am an optimist who sees the things in which things can go wrong. I am straightforward in almost all matters. I try not to spend too much time in online social activities, though, I have a Facebook account.

I have experienced so many ups and downs in life, which have raised my strengths and positivity. I was very popular at school because I was very friendly, but as the time went by, I became more involved with my husband, children, and my extended family. I am an ambivert. I am an introvert to strangers and extrovert to my family members. I try not to compare myself with others. I make sure that I am better than what I was yesterday. I am always happy and grateful for the little things in life. I have learned to love myself for who I am.

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