Analysis of Amazon Competing Strategy

Published: 2021-06-30 20:30:05
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Jeff Bezos decided to compete against the world’s most popular inventions such as, Apple’s iPad and Apple T.V with Amazon’s Kindle and Fire T.V. The reason why this is such a good decision, is due to his innovation and his knowledge on what the vast majority of the population would enjoy using. He is a great intuitive thinker because he has a lot of experience and knowledge of what the public like and dislikes. He used Apples products as stepping stone for Amazon, because he took into consideration what the public did not like about the certain Apple products, and improved them. He decided to use Apple products as the base to his new inventions it took a lot time because he had to plan, organize, control, and lead his team to create such goods. Jeff Bezos has lifted Amazon’s status high up in today’s society due to him being a systematic thinker, which is basically him looking away from numbers and statistics, and seeing how people like his products and doing improvements based of their preferences. The main reason why businesses exist are to make profit. This is why Bezos pays so much attention to his competitors’ product reviews.
Not only does Jeff Bezos care about increasing the amount of products that he sells, but his main focus is on customer service, which is why Amazon is so successful. The combination of systematic and intuitive thinking has enabled Amazon to become such a powerhouse. I believe that other companies improving their online offerings will not affect Amazon’s position in the market. The fact that Amazon is so established now, there is very little risk factor of Walmart, Apple, and Netflix changing that. Also due to Amazon being a worldwide corporation it is more available than its main competitors for products that were covered in the article provided. Firstly, even if Walmart improves its online offerings then I believe that it’s going to be too late because everything that Walmart offers, Amazon has more. Also the fact that Walmart in not in a lot of major countries of the world such as South Korea, India, and Germany. So the fact that Amazon been official for 24 years now they are a well-established company and there foreseeable future is looking very strong, not saying that Walmart will not be as good. Secondly, competing with Apple will be risky with any business as they are one of the biggest companies in the world, so regardless of Apple making their online offerings better, I believe that it will always be a risk against them, as they have a lot of brand loyalty and it is hard to convince the loyal followers of Apple otherwise.
Finally, Amazon will also have a hard time competing with Netflix, as they have built a strong fan following in the short time they have been official. If Netflix improves their online user interface then that could be a problem for Amazon in the future as people would prefer to choose the more popular and easier use. In conclusion, if all of Amazon’s competitors would improve their online interface then that would in my opinion cause a problem for them.
Bezos is smart for trying to make a new streaming service like Netflix, as that is the main way people my age watch movies and T.V shows. However he would need to make sure a lot of things are in check before he actually starts the streaming service. Firstly, he would need to make sure that the content he is providing on the streaming website is content that teenagers would enjoy watching. Netflix has now overcome that challenge as they are creating new T.V shows made for high school and university students. Shomi was a Canadian streaming website which didn’t really have new newest and most popular T.V shows. That led them to being shut down as they were not making revenue, so an important thing Amazon would need to do is have content which appeals to the younger generation. Secondly, Bezos would need to make sure that it is affordable for students. The smart thing for his would be to make it slightly cheaper than Netflix, which would give people more incentive to buy a subscription to Amazons streaming service rather than Netflix or any other website. If they fail to make it affordable then they would be losing more customers due it not being a familiarized and more expensive than the obvious choice (Netflix).
Finally and most importantly, Amazon would need to advertise this new streaming video service very well. There have been many companies that did not advertise very well and had to shut down. An example is the Canadian streaming company Shomi, they failed to advertise to the correct age group as majority of their promotions were to T.V since they were partners with Rogers. They failed to understand that majority of the viewers of streaming videos are students.

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