Analysis of the Women's Liberation Movement with The Help of Giddens' Structuration Theory

Published: 2021-07-14 03:50:05
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Category: Feminism

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The structuration theory, according to Encyclopoedia Britannica, is that “structures are maintained and adapted through the exercise of agency”. Anthony Giddens presented the structuration theory to inform others that people act differently around different people. For example, the way I act with my mother is not the same way I act with my friends. Humans have the ability to recognize how differently a structure is compared to what they’re use to. Human, also, have the ability to realize that they have to act differently based upon the structure. People choose on how to behave with certain groups of people. They might act quietly around parents, but when they are surrounded by friends they choose to act loudly, which is different from how they act with their parents.
Giddens believes that every person has: capability, knowledgeability, an identity, and a routine. By capability, Gidden refers to on having the power to intervene, to influence, and to refuse. He believes that all people have knowledgeability which is the ability to monitor oneself and respond. Humans are able to have an identity, how an agent views themselves within the all the social structures. Giddens’ structuration theory has helped with the women’s liberal movement. Gidden wanted for people, especially women, to start becoming better, more intellectual versions of themselves and their ancestors. He wanted empowerment for them.Now, Giddens view on power transcends being able to control others; he believed that power is natural to agency meaning the individual’s capability to step in casually in any situation should come easily. I think this led women to want to fight even more for themselves and the generations to come. Women did not just want to be stuck in traditional society where what they are supposed to be doing are things like: being at home cooking, cleaning, and/or looking over the children. They wanted to be equal. Women wanted to be able to become lawyer, doctors, teacher, and all these other fascinating careers that men had the opportunity to do and become. Gidden understood that most social rules for women, and even for men, were bound to change as time passed by.
I believe that having a person like Gidden who was admired by many, in his time and as well as ours, also contributed to the help and motivation for the women’s liberal movement. When people started seeing, as well as understanding, what Gidden had to say about wanting equal status I think some understood. With that knowledge, those people then started to possibly talk about it with others. Possibly how people in the traditional society tried to be more accepting about having women do equal things as men. Even if they could not be, social norms started to evolve, since women being equal to men was something most were getting accustomed to, the past social norm of men being ‘better’ had been in a place where no longer existed, possible an anomie occurred.
All in all, Giddens’ structuration theory was a theory that help with motivating the women’s liberation movement.

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