Analyzing the Business in Australia

Published: 2021-07-11 02:05:05
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In 1829 West Australia was coming about and by 1860 South Australia debuted. Back in the 1850’s, gold was getting mined for many years. In 1929 “The Great Depression” affected Australia a lot. As of current day, Australia’s wealth per adult lines up second after Switzerland of course. This statement means that commonly Australian adults carry a lot in their pockets. Also, lots of the business they invest in includes teamwork and good collaboration skills.

• Business structure

The four business structures which are very much relevant in Australia is sole trader, partnership, company, and trust.
• Management style

A consultative style is very much appreciated and popular in Australia and an authoritarian management style is looked down upon in Australia.

• Team working

I cannot emphasize how much Australians admire their teamwork. Ever heard of the saying “Teamwork is Dreamwork. ” That is a motto Australians love.

• Communication

Including in others ideas with strong communication is important in the collaboration process in which Australian’s have well developed. Strong communication is key in an Australian economy.

• Facts and figures “The Australian dollar is the fifth most traded currency – more popular than the Yuan, Real, Ruble, or Rupee” – Sydney Morning Herald.

Section B: Australia’s corruption ranking is 13/100. This percentage basically represents the downfall of business franchises and the outcome of a complete breakdown or corruption. The 13 percent ranking affects the status of its citizens since it could effect on what citizens can be known for also, the input and export that a country is responsible for may impact the products you use in your everyday lives. Also, following the law is very important in Australia and citizens will surely follow the law if they are provide with a well economy which is putting out goods for the people as well as maintaining a proper status of living in the actual country.
Section C: A role and responsibility in one’s life is very mandatory. A human being must know what they contribute to society and what they are doing there in the first place. A role of a global citizen is to live according to the laws as well as being aware of their rights. Not only that, but they must have somewhat of an understanding of the customs and show high levels of respects to individuals who stand higher than them. An example of this would be an employee showing his/her respects to their boss, or a student showing their high levels of respects to their professor. This is a great way to receive positive outcomes in your professional life. As of your personal life you should try to do everything to get rich and stay rich.
The key outcome to life especially in the business world is the idea of having sacks of money to bathe in and dip milk and cookies in. This is practically a lifestyle that everybody desires, however not everyone gets. Some of the world’s biggest names and richest people are either really intelligent in their field or really intelligent at scamming you into thinking their intelligent in their field. Both of these tricks gain society and my respect anyways. Small talk is a major way to get your way into others hearts. I definitely appreciate when people take time out to put some efforts into a pleasant sweet conversation. To continue, when you want to gain a respectful relationship with someone, you must learn to respect them first. For instance, a women and man must respect each other equally in order for a respectful relationship to form. If one person is only respectful the relationship will drift off terribly in shambles or even become toxic.
Furthermore, giving back to the community is so important. When you contribute to the community you will create a good name for yourself and others might help you when you need it. If you can’t donate thousands of dollars for charity events going on at least donate five dollars, if that sounds like too much still at least donate your respects and smile. At a global level these manners come in handy too. If a global business wants to trade with another global business; shaking hands, having coffee, creating small talk, is so important especially if you want the countries gold or silver. I genuinely believe that the world’s resources should be distributed evenly and equally. I think that every country should give each other a helping hand so every economy can rise up instead of coming down. Of course, this positive happy friendship between distributions is highly unlikely because people seem to think of their own struggles more important than others. Also, no one likes to share the millions they make, they want to store it away for themselves. This greed is in our human nature so I do not expect a happy set of investors from different businesses sharing profits. I know that’s too much to dream of but the main problem is that people fear losing money. This is a natural fear since the world is functioning from these pieces of paper. I actually believe that the man who created this piece of paper giving it so much worth is the real genius. The local and global system have a minor issue. It is that when things get bad they walk away from other partnerships. I wish that businesses would all come together and help invest in the world’s most big corporation instead of making various businesses within businesses. I don’t believe this is possible to happen though since one person’s idiotic actions can cause an entire franchise to go down. That’s the importance of a person to be very smart and well rounded, especially in a fast paced technological device owned generation.
Conclusion: In conclusion, Australian’s may have a little too much to drink but overall they know what they are doing and the Australian economy doesn’t seem to be going in a downwards spiral anytime soon. As long as “The Great Depression” doesn’t come their way, I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine. They won’t seem to cater to new franchises or opportunities but they will definitely keep everything maintained. Despite that, the government seems to be increasingly gaining numbers in how much debt there is too pay, that may be one person’s struggle that could hopefully cost the country to struggle.

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