Arab Life before Islam

Published: 2021-07-10 21:00:06
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Arab life prior to the creation of Islam housed many flaws. Some of these flaws including, disbelief in Allah, the committing of various sins, and shirk. Shirk, being a sin that cannot be forgiven by Allah, was extremely common prior to the introduction of Islam. In order to counteract this, Allah sent various prophets and messengers to abolish this problem, although some have deemed unsuccessful, they were the building blocks of Islam. Prophet Muhammad was the final messenger of Allah, and thus wanted to create a lasting effect on the world, Islam.
Prior to the creation of Islam, Arab life housed disbelief. Faith ws unheard of. The Pillars of Faith were looked down upon, these pillars being, Allah, Angels, Holy Books, Messengers, Judgment Day, and Fate. Evidence of Allah’s presence can be found in everything you see, the very eyes you look out of, the very ears you use to listen, the very mouth you use to speak. Yet, people chose to deny Allah’s presence, even though, deep down, they know he is watching. Arrogance took hold of rationality. An example of this can be Prophet Noah’s son, whose arrogance ultimately led to his demise. During a flood, Noah instructed his son to board the arch, he refused, saying that if he were to climb the tallest mountain, he would be safe. He was questioning Allah’s intelligence. He didn’t take advice from his own father, blinded by personal faults, unable to show compassion, shuts his ears to all that reveal reality, and many more. These are all traits an arrogant person would have, and Prophet Noah’s son meets all this criteria because he couldn’t handle the fact that a superior life form, Allah, was watching over him.Another example of people questioning Allah’s authority is a mother who was under the rule of Umar Bin Khattab. The woman and her daughter made milk for the town, and one day the cow didn’t produce enough milk. How does the woman solve this problem? She suggests mixing the milk with water to gain money for personal gain. The daughter said that Omar Bin Khattab would be disappointed. The mother’s response was that Omar Bin Khattab wasn’t listening, the daughter exclaimed that Allah was always listening. This shows people’s inability to accept and understand Allah’s presence, all the actions we commit have consequences, whether good or bad.
Initially, the Arab region was polytheistic, meaning belief in many gods, such as statues, the sun, the sky, and various other inanimate objects. When a human being is fortunate, they tend to forget where this originated from, Allah is the provider for everything. Prophet Saleh tried teaching this to the people of Thamud, resulting in no change of mindset. Through constant persuasion and grit, Prophet Saleh managed to recruit a few people to the ways of Allah. The leaders of Thamud were unhappy, trying to prove Saleh wrong and prove their superiority, they told him to summon a special camel, through constant and rigorous praying, his wish was answered by Allah. Allah blessed this camel with the power of giving, it gave the poor and the needy milk for nourishment, resulting in people being convinced of Allah’s presence. This only furthered the leaders’ anger, they came up with a plot to kill the camel, showing that God’s creation can be destroyed. Prophet Saleh knew that this plot would result in Allah’s wrath. Knowing this information, he made sure all the good people of Thamud were safe while Allah struck down a mighty earthquake, destroying the city. This, not only shows God’s power, it is the very definition of arrogance.
Arrogance played a vital role in Arabian culture prior to Islam. It was the basis of human nature. Allah sent down various messengers to relay his undoubtful presence, yet, due to arrogance, the message didn’t entirely sink in until Prophet Muhammad’s era. Islam produced and set the foundation for modern Arab culture. Without Islam, we would still be living in a society based on arrogance. Through Allah’s Prophets and Messengers we have managed to learn from others’ mistakes, ultimately leading su to be the best human beings we can be. Allah has given us all the tools necessary to do so, it just depends on the person’s’ outlook on life. Islam is the holy religion that unifies Allah’s creations and incorporates Allah’s teachings into daily life.

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