Brie Larson's Workout for Her Role in "Captain Marvel"

Published: 2021-07-02 21:45:05
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Brie Larson’s Workout For Her Role
In Captain Marvel Brie Larson plays one of the universes most powerful Super-Hero’s in her role in the Marvel featured film “Captain Marvel”. At just 28 years old, Larson has built herself a great reputation and has previously been a multiple winner of the Oscar Award. Over the past nine and a half months, this American icon and featured film maker has completely transformed her physique for her starring role as Carol Danvers who plays the role as the powerful Air Force pilot for this long awaited feature debut in the “Captain Marvel” movie.
This is an extra special and one-of-a-kind moment for this celebrity and Marvel fans alike because she’s the first and only female Super Hero in the history of the Marvel Universe to be featured as the lead. Production of the filming is taking place between sets in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Louisiana and the excitement awaits millions for the spectacular and featured opening day of March 8th, 2019. This will be an all new thrilling adventure from the past unseen history in the Marvel Universe.The rigorous work-out routines and strict diet required to play a role in a Marvel film are known to be hardcore and require a lot of discipline, patience and persistence. Larson commissioned the help of her celebrity Hollywood trainer Mr. Jason Walsh to transform her physique Brie Larson has definitely proved that she’s got the dedication it takes to make this a reality for herself and the millions of Marvel fans alike. She has been putting in the extra effort and showing off a variety of her strength training moves in her killer workouts, including multiple sets of push-ups and sit-ups while wearing a metal band around her waist. Larson is definitely prepping for her Super Hero role and doesn’t seem to disappoint. Let’s read further on and take a look into her daily work-out routine and diet plan.
Larson’s Work-Out For Captain Marvel
Brie Larson employed the help of popular and respected celebrity trainer Jason Walsh located off North La Cienega Avenue is West Hollywood, California. He is respected in the Los Angeles community and many other celebrities looking to transform their bodies and muscle up for movie roles go to him to prepare. “Having a professional trainer and educated specialist by your side will help keep you focused and get to your goals”, claims Larson. Standing at 5’7” tall and just 128 pounds, she’s packing a lot of muscle for her body frame and size.
The large majority of Larson’s daily workouts were focused on strength training routines with weightlifting and upper body bulking being her main goal. Practicing a variety of heavy dead lifts upwards of 220 pounds, she was able to achieve huge gains in muscle strength, while still maintaining a fit and lean overall body. She has done a variety of lower and mid body workouts, including high repetition sets of 20 push ups and sit ups at a time, while wearing a one inch thick heavy metal chain around her waist during her workouts. In addition she has been doing hip thrusts surpassing 400 pound lifts, while recently implementing a series of pull ups and leg lifts. During this she is noted to alternate legs and increase weight; in addition to wearing a heavy weighted vest when not using the chain around her waist.
To both of our surprises, Larson did not hire the help of a nutritionist. She only brought on the help of her Fitness Instructor and celebrity trainer Jason Walsh to provide structure and help her in her workouts. When Brie Larson was in the beginning of her muscle building phase, she opted for a nutritious, but plain diet of the most basic essentials- protein for muscle growth and fat for energy production. Her daily diet consisted of a similar plan, which was mainly consuming white fish, lean poultry and starch-free vegetables. She would also splurge with a minimal amount of fruit and her beloved almond butter. Brie also told sources she stopped her intake of most vitamins while she was prepping for her character role for Captain Marvel. Known as Carol Danver’s in Marvels Captain Marvel film, Brie Larson focused her daily workout routine on a series of nine different exercises.
Each exercise consisted of 10 repetitions, although her trainer Jason Walsh encouraged her to do as many reps of each exercise as possible, until fatigued; while resting one to two minutes between each set of exercises performed. Below is a basic compilation of her daily workout routine while working with her trainer Walsh. During her sessions, Brie regularly work a heavy metal chain around her waist, while alternating with a heavy weighted vest.

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