Challenges Faced by Humanity Due to Littering

Published: 2021-08-01 18:35:08
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As per the Research, The average citizen produces seven and a half pounds of garbage or waste materials every day that is being buried down in landfills or in land which also gets littered in lands costing a serious amount of money. Nowadays, diseases like dengue, malaria, Dysentery are known to be spread through contaminated water and other ways in the lives of the students in Bangalore. It has been observed that cities have no controlled structure for garbage disposal. And Each year, millions of peoples are spent picking up litters but yet it seems as the level of waste increases everyday, the development of new technology and equipment also rises due to humanity. Many students have suffered diseases due to such improper disposals of waste but have we thought or taken initiatives of “why and how such factors are happening?” and “how it can be stopped?”
Mostly the waste materials are littered in the footways or near the pole areas of the roads which are mostly plastics, households wastes and etc. For many reasons the human race could be called a blessing with all the Great advancement in technology, medicine and even the fact we are the most sophisticated species on the planet but Are we a gift to our planet or far from it? Because With the amounts of pollution and destruction of the planet, we are destroying the planet in whole, destroying us humans slowly. The answer to why and how such things are happening starts from us littering waste in the roads or throwing wherever we want too. And all this starts to slowly cause harm to both the humans and the environment from starting to decompose slowly bringing up too many harmful gases and hence becoming a welcoming call to all the mosquitoes. In a bigger contrast, mosquitoes tends to bite a human being causing dengue and malaria which in turn will increase an higher amount of bad heath related problems on their body. We humans are the ones causing such improper waste disposal habits. Sometimes we have to also show and do a little initative to stop others from throwing garbage and of course stop ourselves from littering. Majority of the students of Christ University stay in the streets of SG Palaya.And We as students have seen how unclean the roads are just by walking the roads of SG palaya. And it gets even more worse on rainy days because of the clogging of waters and the litters that the household people throw outside which forms together in one corner of the Road, hence making it impossible and difficult for the students and people to walk in the pathway is an even bigger issue. Even the shopkeepers throw their scraps and waste materials beside their shop. the footpaths sometimes get even more harder to walk because of the dirty smell formed from the littered waste. it will be very hard to survive if it continues this way. Not only us but even the animals gets affected as they tend to eat the waste materials littered on road which is especially plastics that are found on roads and pathways. In whole all this tends to affect their body and they might die because of such stupidity that human beings have caused. Roads are not used for dumping Garbage, they are used as a pathway for people to walk so that no accidents occur as many accidents happen because of how people walk on roads as there were no platforms for people to walk and for transportation of goods.
The practice of littering waste will even cost the general public as well as the municipalities a serious amount of money to clean up the area. Its has been observed that most of the litters are food scraps, cigarette packets, junk food packages and etc. The problem with the people is that when you see a particular place littered with waste, people continue to throw their waste materials there seeing how they are lazy to throw it in the dustbin or carry it with them after they find a bin. And if you notice there are always few peoples standing outside with notice papers and pamphlets to promote their business but people take those and throws it on streets. If you don’t want those papers then why take it in the first place. This should be stopped so that we can lessen the amount of waste materials that gets pilled up. By doing such small changes there will be a small chance of a good environment. The real mess we see is when we go for our 6:30 classes in the morning and that is the kind of damage we humans have created. if we continue to see such mess and don’t stop it, we will never see a chance of survival.
And while having foods in hostel, i have come across lack of good cleaned plates, spoons and glasses which have given a bad impression to the about cleaning facilities. this have even caused ill sickness to the students. Even lack of improper wastage disposals are being dumped near the dustbin areas which brings an adverse impression to the students living there. All such causes can only be stopped by us humans if we dispose the waste properly instead of a rush/ hurry or without being lazy. And even the cleaning facilities should take proper care in cleaning and keeping everything harmeless.

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