Clean-proofing the Environment for the Future: Swachh Coin

Published: 2021-06-28 21:25:04
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It’s no secret, most people have no disregard for the environment around them. It happens every time someone cuts down a tree, it happens every time a hunter or a poacher takes down a wild animal living in its natural habitat and it happens every time someone carelessly throws a piece of plastic overboard into the sea.
You might be thinking okay i don’t do any of those things so why should i care? Here’s why you should, see every careless act that causes environmental degradation will not only have a short-term effect it will also go into escalating global warming. Yes! that crazy phenomenon that’s causing ice in the Antarctic to melt, causing the increase of heat waves, floods and droughts. The negative effects are countless, too scary to list here.Today we’re all about positivity and finding solutions, and you can’t talk about solutions without placing swacchcoin in the same sentence.
What is Swacchcoin? Swacchcoin is a decentralized platform that’s focused on streamlining the waste management industry, by providing all the technologies necessary to make service providers more reliable and efficient at their job. The company’s goal is to create a cleaner and better environment all around us
Here’s how it plans to do this
Swacchcoin wants to use technology to make sure all waste is managed properly, by implementing blockchain and AI, the company believes it can reduce the wide gap between the total number of waste materials produced and the actual number that gets recycled. If it can get more waste recycled the better.
To help make this happen, people need to surrender all their waste. Gone are the days when you used to pay someone to come collect your waste, with swacchcoin’s blockchain technology residents can donate and be rewarded for their contribution, the swacch coins given can easily be kept or traded in. This strategy helps with building social cohesion, as the incentives promote a responsible and communal way of behaving.
To get rid of the collected waste, swacchcoin is banking on something called a SwBIN which is essentially a smart bin that has an identification database and a reward distribution system. All the trash collected will be placed in these bins and taken to collection or recycling centers. They can then measure to determine the value and quality of the drop and then using a QR code system linked to the bin, the collectors can then offer reward tokens to the contributor. All the data is transmitted and saved on a distributed ledger. The distributed technology makes it generally simpler to develop transparent, secure and tamper proof networks, this innovation helps build trustworthy governance systems, preventing fraudulent activities.
Swacchcoin is going to be gamechanger in the industry because it happens to do some things uniquely and most importantly better than all its examples. For example, the platform is built on an innovative blockchain platform that goes further to integrate Big Data – in the form of swATA which is meant to facilitate integration of the waste logistics, pickups, transportation etc., IoT – in the form of swIOT which was meant to promote efficiency by allow the remote access and connectivity of waste processing equipment. Lastly Swachhcoin goes a different route, see before people used to pay trash collection companies but now all they need to do is collect the money because the swacchcoin literally pays people to collect their waste. I can go on but i don’t think i need to, to get you to participate

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