Climbing Mount Everest in the Films

Published: 2021-07-03 13:40:05
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Clambering up to the zenithal point on Earth was the dream for many alpinists. In the film Everest, directed by Baltasar Kormákur, was an emotional movie that claimed the hardship of the mountaineers suffering through the barriers to reach the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. To this point, the monotype was created by Joseph Campbell, who believed that all adventurous stories had similar template of how heroes went through the journey. Similarly, Carl Jung’s archetype was made to describe the function of existed characters. In brief, the movie was based on the structure of the Hero’s Journey and followed the characteristics of the archetypes.To begin with, Beck Weathers was the (A) Hero of the movie, who began his quest in the (1) Ordinary World when only a few people had fortunately ascended the Mount Everest and came back safely.
People all over the world were eager to accomplish this unbelievable voyage. Serving as an adventure consultant, Rob Hall was illustrated as a (B) Mentor by guiding the team to achieve their unreachable goal. He received his (2) Call to Adventure when he gathered up his team and headed toward the base camp in Nepal. However, family members, like Jan and Peach, had (3) Refused to the Call as they discouraged their husbands to join such risky adventure. Furthermore, the hikers had (4) Met their Mentor when Rob Hall will be leading the group under harsh conditions. As the team arrived to the base camp, they examined all materials and met their (C) Threshold Guardian, Helen Wilton, who sent signals and reports to the climbers and helped them to make connections with families. Scott Fischer was Rob’s climbing assistant, who played the role of (D) Herald, and reminded the team of the approaching danger. Before the team (5) Crossed Over the Threshold, every one of them shared their experiences and learned how to cooperate with each other. Doctor Caroline McKenzie was introduced to the team as their (E) Ally when she taught them medical knowledge under the extreme weather.To (6) Accomplish the Tests and Face their Enemies, they must travel across different barricades as a team. Hypoxia and hypothermia were their (F) Shapeshifters with the assist of the (G) Shadows, such as high wind speed, low temperature, low oxygen, and deadly landscape, that caused sickness by confusing the nerve system. Successfully, some climbers had (7) Approached to the vertex of Mount Everest, while others suffered under the unbeatable conditions. The coming of an evil (H) Trickster, the huge blizzard, had become a symbol of (8) Ordeal and Death for the heroes when they began to freeze to death. Surprisingly, Beck Weathers was still alive under the heavy snow and ice. As a (9) Reward to Beck, he pursed on the (10) Road Back with the help of the helicopter and met with his family with pride and honor. Indeed, Beck Weathers had felt in love with the nature, the view, and the mountain as an (I) Anima for the rest of his life.
Toward the end, Beck Weathers experienced the (11) Resurrection as he learned that the importance of family and how people sacrifice for him. He gained the (12) Elixir as he owned the stories of those heroes who undergoes such treacherous adventure. All in all, the monomyth and archetypes had stated by following the flow of the film. The actors had specially performed out the perspective and feelings of different characters with a variety of emotions and interactions. The movie had informed the audience that such risky expedition required dozens of bravery, potential, and collaboration. To emphasize, the Hero’sjourney was difficult and painful, but because of the existence of the archetypes, the hero gained his strength and achieved his dream.

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