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Published: 2021-07-02 23:45:04
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The purpose of my report is to research, outline, and explain one extracurricular available at Ryerson. This opportunity may consist of clubs and events that will develop skills for success for students at Ryerson.
I contributed my research through online methods such as websites regarding Deca including Decas own website as well as Ryerson’s Deca platform website. I also used a number of my own thoughts and opinions to conduct research.Key Findings
The co-curricular event/club that I chose to assess for this assignment is Deca. Deca is a competition based business club held within business schools around the world. The students in Deca develop various business skills such as presentation skills as well as networking skills through in-house training sessions. They then compete against other schools at regional, provincial as well as international levels in different industries such as Accounting or Finance.
Deca can be significantly helpful for students as it gives them more of a hands-on experience and puts them into situations that would occur in the business world frequently. An example of this is would be presenting an idea to teammates. Similarly, Students would also be required to do this in the real corporate world. Deca also builds upon student teamwork skills as well as confidence because students are often required to work as a team within competitions as well as build in their confidence skills when speaking to higher executives within Deca or even employers that network within Deca.
In terms of your resume, being a part of Deca can be a great asset to add to your resume. Being a part of Deca shows that you went above and beyond in order to improve your overall knowledge of business as well as knowing how to handle a professional business environment. Being a part of Deca also demonstrates leadership skills as well as gives you a chance to further develop your leadership skills within leadership conferences. (“National Student Leadership Conference”, n.d, para. 1).
Deca will aid you in succeeding in more than just your professional life. Deca allows you to build social skills that will aid you in your professional, personal life, and student life. In events such as Deca competitions, you will learn how to socialize better with peers as well as adults and while studying for these events, you will learn proper time management skills and efficient study methods. Deca is an aid to student success.
I would highly recommend using Deca as a student success tool to aid yourself in the real financial world. In terms of my research, I would have used on field experience rather than online research in order to conduct my assignment. In field experience allows you to really see what each program is about rather than using other people’s opinions from the internet.

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