Contemporary Issues of Development Natural Calamities Floods in India

Published: 2021-07-05 21:30:05
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Why we need to look into floods of all natural disasters?
Since India face extremely weather conditions every year and incidence of landslides and devastating floods are high in number. India is one among the massively Floodplain countries in world and in recent times there has been increase in reports of natural disasters. In late August and early September, millions of people were affected by cloudburst due to extreme rainfall and also the rivers of India make it even more worse with landslides causing flash floods
What are the most Recent natural disasters?
Recently, the 2013 North India floods is the 31st-deadliest flood worldwide in w hich Uttarakhand have received heavy rainfall, massive landslides affecting the infrastructure, maximum damage of houses and killing and displacing thousands of people. And 2014 kashmir floods caused by continuous torrential rainfall leading to death toll of around 500 people. Many parts of Srinagar also submerged and a loss of 5000 to 6000 crores of revenue caused. Very recently, in 2018 Kerala floods, due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season suffered to death toll of around 500 people and a million people got displaced. It was the worst flooding in Kerala after the great flood of 99 happened in 1924. Let’s discuss about Uttarakhand flash floodsWhat are the causes for Uttarakhand floods?
According to census, Uttarakhand has received about 375% more than the actual rainfall rainfall during 14th – 17th june, 2013 which caused the melting of chorabari glacier of 3800 meters of height resulting flash floods in Mandakini river. The IMD report issued on 14th june,2013.
Is it a man-made disaster?
Though it is hill station and receives heavy to very heavy range of rainfall, there are man-made factors that have scaled up the disaster. Intense expansion of Hydro-Power plants and construction of roads to accommodate the increasing tourism and also because of unplanned development in the hills have weaken the mountains causing landslides. Hence the overburdened ecologically sensitive areas will be the major cause for such a massive destruction.
What is the impact of Uttarakhand catastrophe?
The immediate impact of flooding include huge number of death toll, around 6000 people and over 10,000 people were injured and more than 1,00,000 pilgrims were trapped and stuck in valleys that led to the kedarnath shrine. Around 400 houses were destroyed and around 250 were damaged. Roads, communication towers, many hotels etc were also destroyed. Hence there was a 20,000 crores of revenue loss reported. Areas affected due to floods are Govindghat, Kedar Dome, Rudraprayag district,Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Western Nepal, and acute rainfall in other nearby regions of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and some parts of Tibet. The kedarnath temple’s base was inundated with water around 1000 people died. Hence the temple remained closed for an year to pilgrims and tourists and the char dham yatra was cancelled for 2 years to repair damaged roads and infrastructure.
What’s after the disaster
Rescue and Relief operations: The Army, Indian Air Force (IAF), Navy, Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Border Security force, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Public works Department and local administrations joined together as rescue team and tried to evacuate the survivors using helicopters, even though it is tough in that heavy fog and rainfall. By 21st june, 2013, army has deployed 10,000 soldiers and 11 helicopters and Navy has sent 45 naval divers and Air force with 43 aircraft along with 36 helicopters. From 17th june, 2013, the IAF airlifted a total of 18,424 people, flying a total of 2,137 trips for dropping and also to provide relief materials.

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