Controversial Content in 13 Reasons Why

Published: 2021-08-03 19:10:05
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Speaking of programs with controversial content, “13 reasons why” an American teen-based drama web television series definitely cannot be excluded. This drama was produced by Brian Yorkey, it can be found and watch on Netflix. 13 reasons why are based on a novel by Jay Asher in 2007. A short explanation about this drama is talking about a high-school girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide. After her death; Clay Jensen found a mystery box with his name on it lying on his porch when he returns home from school. He discovers a series of cassette tapes inside the box recorded by Hannah Baker which is his classmate and also his crush. He received the box after two weeks of her suicide, there are 13 types in total and every one of them has recorded the reasons why Hannah suicide. In each tape, she blames her death on his family and friends. Despite the popularity of this drama, it still contains few controversial contents which the audience is very concerned about.
First and foremost, one of the reasons why it’s controversial is because, in Tape 6, Side B, one of the scenes showed that Hannah was raped by her friend Bryce Walker. She was at a party at Bryce’s house but ended up being left alone with Bryce in a hot tub. Following the next tape, Hannah went to seek help from her school guidance counselor Mr. Porter, genuinely telling him that she was being raped, and also hinted him about her suicide thought but Mr. Porter responds to her that he can’t do anything about the rape. After the conversation she had with Mr. Porter, she went home and took her own life in the bathtub. This scene has added shock value to the audience. Netflix receives lots of criticism because of showing a graphic scene where Hannah cuts her own wrists in the bathtub.According to one of the reports, in California, two teens has committed suicide after watching the drama who the two be Bella Herndon and Priscilla Chui. Both of them are not related to each other. It is reported that both of them battled with depression, their parents mentioned they both watched “13 Reasons Why” and was angered because of how the drama has affected their children and lead them to end their life. Priscilla’s uncle stated that he missed her signs that her grades are going down and how she hated school. “And I feel like the absolute worst adult because I kept forcing her to go to school,” said Peter. Both of the families strongly request Netflix to take down the drama before any suicide case from other teens.
Next, many people have a complaint that “13 Reasons Why” glorifies suicide. Even though they didn’t make the suicide look “glorious” but what it does show is how suicide can be an option. It kind of misleads people that suicide is the only way to solve your problem. Besides that, A student from Nowrosji Wadia College who is pursuing a Master’s in Psychology stated “What I think is that they give a wrong idea about depression or suicidal ideation because if you go to see, I don’t think Hanna had any symptoms of depressions apart from being suicidal.” She also stated that if the show is a big step for mental health, you have to show what the alternative can be.  

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