Pecularities and Characteristicsof Automobile Business

Published: 2021-06-23 01:15:05
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Starting off with Steers we see their CSR reach out in a few different ways. Mainly that being ROUDA. Steers is South Africas leading burger brand. The franchise has been running for almost 50 years and have won many awards in this time. There are 525 local restaurants and there are many steers restaurants that also feature in countries such as Nigeria, Mauritius, Zambia as well as in the UK. Steers has also has a hygiene policy called The Gloves and Bare Hands Love Affair.
Steers CSR includes encouraging customers to donate R1,00 when paying for their bill. This CSR programme is called ROUNDA. The proceeds go to the Nikela Charity Funding and Development Trust as well as the Steers Shout Libraries and Lets Play initiatives. The Nikela Trust is an organisation that manage projects to lessen poverty, feed communities, provide healthcare and enforce child protection services within South Africa. The Lets Play initiative enables children to play through doing physical education. This is a challenge that encourages active and healthy lifestyles. This therefore indicates Steers passion for the youths nutritional, physical development. This type of CSR also therefore helps with the branding of Steers because their involvement with Lets Play is advertised nationally via social media and sports channels.Debonairs was started by two students from Maritzburg. They were the first free delivering service and online ordering franchise in SA. Debonairs holds 500 stores nation wide and sell up to 27.5 million pizzas a year. Many of the franchisees now own multiple stores.
Doughnation is Debonairs way of giving back in their CSR programme. There is no additional cost to the customer as when the pizzas are made the left over cut offs of the dough are later on put together and made into flat loaf breads which is then donated to a local charity or organisation in the community. This is done on a weekly basis and each restaurant is encouraged to partner with a needy beneficiary that is identified. This causes no extra cost to the customer but rather encourageous more people to potentially become customers as they know that their order can help a person in need just by the simple cut offs of the extra dough. This leads to less costs to the business whilst doing their CSR as they are donating what would’ve been thrown away.
Famous brands have employed a strategy where portfolios of brands offer desired business propositions with the franchise partners. Their Design and Development division provides service to all their brands and franchise partners. The Central Marketing division focus on making sure the brands are rightly positioned, relevant and remain contemporary. Marketing services are also provided by Sauce Advertising.
The Logistics division enforces the delivery of products to the franchises to cater for their menus. The division is supported by nine Centres of Excellence situated across the country. They also provide training to the employees and franchise partners. The Manufacturing division represents the backward integration model and create various licensed products. The Retail division is the extension the Groups trademarks into the FMCG retail and wholesale markets. All divisions are supported by Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Procurement, Logistics Services and Operation Services.

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