Deadpool – an Opposite of a Hero

Published: 2021-07-15 00:05:07
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Deadpool is everything that superheroes shouldn’t be. He is hypersexual, makes jokes all the time, uses innuendo and is super violent. He also mocks every other superhero, their earnestness, their high grand morality and their PG-13 goodness. He is also known to break all the rules of heroism and questions the idea of what it means to be a heroin today’s society. The character Deadpool a. k. a Wade Wilson knows that he is not a hero and takes ultimate joy in ruining this entire image of heroism. He also does everything in his power to not be celebrated as hero and he is a perfect portrayal of a postmodern figure.
Furthermore, he believes in the ideology that everything around him is meaningless and that one should be able to create their own meaning of things surrounding them. Born in a highly dysfunctional family who lived in a small town in Ohio, he ran away as a teenager and bounced around the country all the while getting military training from various sources. He was eventually diagnosed with an incurable cancer, at which point in hoping to cure himself he volunteered for a subset of the weapon x program. That program had attempted to give a human wolverines healing factor. However, the experiment ended up accelerating his cancer leaving his whole body disfigured making his skin look very similar to Freddy Kruger. He also became severely mentally unbalanced and the program thought that this was a failed experiment, so they sent him to a hospice with other failed explements from the program.While he was there, the other prisoners would take a pool called the Dead Pool, as to how long each suject would live. Wade was eventually sentenced to death by breaking the hospice rules. He killed his friend worm out of kindness in order to put him out of his misery as he was just lobotomized. The scientists then decided to kill Wade by taking his heart out, but his new-found healing powers kicked in and then escaped. He ironically chose to call himself Deal Pool. He is a perfect mixture of Punisher because he doesn’t mind killing and Spiderman, as he always wisecracking and joking around. As an antihero he is the master of breaking the fourth wall and always talking to his readers or viewers.

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