Education is a Stepping Stone to Our Dreams

Published: 2021-07-11 10:35:06
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Education plays important role on all sphere of life. It’s important to make us a Good person and makes you realize your potentials and qualities as individual for tapping your talents and sharpen your skills depends what fields you’re capable of. That is why higher academic college degree is very important after high school and must not taken for granted. Last Saturday, the world lost a great man, former Secretary General in the United Nation KOFI ANNAN passed away at aged of 80 years old. He strongly believed that education was one of the key to unlock everyone’s potential. He quotes: “Knowledge is a power information that is liberating education, premises of progress in every society in every family.
Literacy a bridge from misery into hope. ”Mr. Kofi Annan inspired me through step by step continuous process of building education in ourselves we can make knowledge or skills through books and practical experience. It is a guidance for everyone to fight the failure and to earn success in life. We need to educate ourselves because we are young children are the leaders of tomorrow. A chance to realize our dreams by leading us to the right path and ready us for the new challenges that we will encounter along the way. It help us improve our life in the process of learning and gaining new useful set of knowledge. Considering competition today with no education chances in reaching higher post in our career is nearly impossible. Education is a powerful tool wherever we go. It will bring out the best in ourselves if use it in a right way, like partners we will accompany us in our journey. An inspiration for new perspective in simplifying the things around us for making our ideas valuable and important. Building our self esteem is highly competent skill in helping us to determine are plans and wants in order to specialize what we eager to learn more and be want you to become to make ourselves as a fulfilling one.

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