Exploration Activity: Food, Inc.

Published: 2021-06-27 12:30:05
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To complete the exploration task and to discover new things related to our world outside of the classroom, I chose to watch a documentary that I wanted to see a long time ago. So, I finally used my Netflix account to make this thing possible. I grabbed the controller and started watching Food, Inc, a documentary about the American food industry. This text will focus on a summary and an appreciation on the film.Summary of Food, Inc.Food, Inc. is a 2008 American documentary directed by Robert Kenner. The film is divided in nine chapters, each one describing and analysing a problem in the American food system nowadays.
Some of them are about fast food, farming practises and the costs of such an unhealthy production based on corporate farming. Each of these subjects are presented to see how agribusiness is environmentally destructive and abusive of both animals, that are killed in mass with no life quality, and employees. The film finally gives a list of ideas for action, proposing that we are able to change this reality saying “You can vote to change the system. Three times a day.”Appreciation of the documentaryAt first, the documentary is kind of disruptive, but at least I can say that it is honest. As a vegetarian, I chose to change my eating habits more than one year ago discovering that as one human being, I could have a great and positive impact on the planet. I made this choice by watching videos and reading books about the subject and I always thought that the main problem was meat. Yet, rather than encouraging veganism and blaming meat industry like most of the documentaries about food these days, Food, Inc. presents all the different faces of food industry: from pork to tomato, from corn to chicken and from facing to colorful packaging. It also presents information about the agribusiness that should be opened to everyone, but that are kept secret.For example, it explains us that even though cows are supposed to eat grass, food industry make them consume corn, encouraging the development of the deadly E. coli bacteria. Some of these facts are presented in this film by chicken farmers, obeying the repulsive rules of major producers like Monsanto Company, who decide to pronounce themselves and a mother who discusses about the premature death of her son caused by contaminated ground meat. It is disgusting to discover that the health of our neighbours, the Americans, is not taken seriously by the big enterprises. These corporations, subsidized by the government, prefer gaining profits by producing more food on less land and at a cheaper cost, rather than thinking about the environment, the animals and the health of their employees and their clients. Other interesting thing about the movie is that it does not present any opinion. On the other hand, it presents proofs that this industry is unhealthy, showing images and presenting interviews with people that lives with this sad truth everyday. By doing so, the film director, Robert Kenner, presents all the various aspects of the toxic American food industry. To conclude, I appreciated the whole film, but sincerely the last part of the movie where they give ideas for action, promoting changes and proving that everybody has the power of impact.

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