Extensive Analysis of the Selected Articles from the Philippine Star and the Sun Newspapers

Published: 2021-07-01 13:50:05
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The Sun
The purpose of this article is to notify, first and foremost, the British population of the event that has taken place. This is information first hand for Brits, but this article reaches so much more people than the people who live in England, which is due to the fact that The Sun is a relatively big newspaper company which is also written in English in order for more people to be able to read the articles written.
The intended audience of this article are first-hand the British, however also the rest of the world. The Sun is well aware that their newspaper reaches many different populations all over the world due to the fact that their newspaper is written in English, in England, one of the biggest countries. Amongst the intended audience, the author aimed this article to reach both the youth as well as those who are older. This is shown through sharing both who Avicii was during his time as well as writing about his death and everything that led up to it.The vocabulary used in this article is profound, without looking at quotations from those who knew the DJ himself, words such as “struggles”, “retiring”, “for the sake of his wellbeing”, “subsequent”, “excessive”, “nominated”. These words written by the British author are used in a formal context. This shows how the British have a vast vocabulary when writing about such events. However, the formal language is needed when writing specifically about an event like this. Within the article, there are several quotations about Avicii which various different celebrities have said. These celebrities have expressed their sadness for the event in words such as “profound sorrow”, “devastated”, “beautiful soul”, “passionate”, “extremely talented”.
The Ethos of this article is shown through quotes from other celebrities as well as stating facts about the artist himself. In order to portray intelligent for the speaker, the author has written various different facts about the artist who had passed. Hand in hand with Ethos, the Logos of this article is achieved from the information given about the artist himself. This gives the credibility to the author due to the fact that the author would not lie about such facts about the artist. To wrap it up, the Pathos of the article is shown when the author writes as if they are deeply saddened by the event, emphasizing exactly what Avicii has been going through, how hard he had it before his death. The author mentions Avicii’s “health struggles” as well did the author add how the artist “would be retiring from touring for the sake of his wellbeing”. The author even touches the fact that Avicii has cancelled a series of gigs and it was something he was “forced” to do, due to the problems caused by his gallbladder and appendix. This adding to radiating emotion written by the author which contributes to the radiating feeling that reaches the reader.
The Comparison
Between the two articles, there is a faint yet clear distinction between the vocabularies from the English language used. The two authors write about a lot of the same things, which shows that they have received the same information, however, the way they formulate around this common knowledge varies.
“But in 2016, the performer announced he was retiring from the road. He continued to produce songs and albums.” The Philippine Star
“He shocked fans in 2016 when he announced he would be retiring from touring for the sake of his wellbeing.” The Sun
These two statements contain the same information. The Philippine Star formulated the sentence in a much more colloquial way with a metaphor, when addressing that he was “retiring from the road” and The Sun formulated the sentence in a much more formal way, saying that he would be “retiring from touring” as well as adding why he would be retiring “for the sake of his wellbeing”. This shows how The Sun formulates their words more precisely compared to The Philippine Star. When talking about the star’s past sicknesses, the two newspaper articles formulated the information in different ways as well. “Avicii had in the past suffered acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking. After having his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014, he cancelled a series of shows in attempt to recover.” The Philippine Star “He also had acute pancreatitis – which was in part due to excessive drinking – but he admitted he felt “free” and “happy” after his decision to retire.” The Sun Within these snippets, The Philippine Star mentions how the artist “suffered” from his sicknesses, expressing a deeper emotion into their article. In comparison to The Sun, their author briefly mentions that Avicii had the sickness, keeping the article relatively neutral. Lastly, the final common detail both newspaper articles contain information about the artist’s successes.
“Avicii, a two-time Grammy nominee, won two MTV European Music Awards and one Billboard Music Award…” The Philippine Star
“During his career, Avicii was nominated for two Grammy Awards and had big hits with Wake Me Up, Hey Brother and Levels.” The Sun
The two articles are talking about how Avicii was nominated for two Grammy Awards, however, they are formulated a tad bit differently. The Philippine Star uses the term “two-time” which may easily be misunderstood due to its actual meaning “to be unfaithful to (a lover or spouse)” and “to double-cross”.
The article used the phrase in a more colloquial way, however, it may lead to a sway in the credibility of the newspaper.
The Malaysian MH370 Flight
The two newspaper articles showed profound knowledge within this topic. In order to further my analysis, I will start by analyzing each article alone and round it up with the comparison.
The Philippine Star
The author wrote this article in order to inform the Philippine population of the latest news about the aircraft that had disappeared four years prior. There had been constant searches after searches but the professionals still come up with nothing. This is what the author is trying to give out within this article. The author writes about how there would be a new and final search that is due to end in June 2018. This being said to both inform families that may have been affected, but to also make known to the Philippine population that the professionals did everything they could have done. The intended audience is the Philippine population, since this newspaper company is not so known all over the world, their aim is mainly towards those who live in the Philippines. In order to actually inform those this article is intended for, the author uses language that suits this audience. The vocabulary used in this article is rather formal. This goes hand in hand with the information given to the author. For such a case wherein it involves a lot of people and may even lead to possible cases where the author may offend people, and that is why they use a formal tone whenever writing their article. This includes words such as “the debris”, “roughly”, “successful”, “vanished”, “on board”, “extremely difficult”, “mount the search”, “proposed”. When thinking about Ethos, Logos and Pathos, the Ethos of this article would be that the author includes previous facts about the event, giving off the vibe that they are knowledgeable regarding the topic on hand. This therefore leads to the credible information mentioned in the article, stating the Logos of the text. The author quotes officials within the article as well as did they give an ounce of background information regarding the search. These aspects help the reader trust the author with what they are stating in the article. With the phrases “extremely difficult” and the sentence “Most are split over whether the search will be fruitful.” The author shows their empathy to the family members who are mourning over their loss, even four years after the incident took place. It is difficult to keep up hope after four years, which is why the author tries to sound as sympathetic as possible, that it probably is time to let go of the event.
The Sun
This article was written for the sake of the population of England, together with the rest of the world. It is used in order to inform this large amount of people of the situation at hand, and about everything that has led up to the newer information within this article. The author includes previous information about this incident in order to make it easier for first timers to understand in which context the article is written. The information reaches out to the English population first hand, however, it is able to reach the rest of the world at the state of how relevant this event still is. It is something this constantly being talked about today and that is why the author has to take into consideration the rest of the audience that may get a hold of this article. The author contributes a vast vocabulary to the article yet still staying in a range so that non-native speakers who stumble upon this article will still be able to understand what is being said. However, the author still uses well developed words such as “vanished”, “alternative”, “failed”, “surfaced”, “yielded”, “downed”. (Appendix D)In order to portray the author’s knowledge about this event, they added subcategories to the article that involved previous knowledge concerning the event. The author even incorporated the pilots who were present in the aircraft, adding to the credibility of the author which builds up the Ethos and Logos parts of the article. Lastly, the author involves various different timelines from the events first happening to present day in order to properly relay the information for the reader, this being a form of respect to those suffering from losses by this event and in a way showing their sympathy for them. The author, as stated, incorporates the pilots and even some passengers on board during the flight which radiates something more personal. It adds to the empathy towards those who are to this day suffering. This completing the Ethos, Logos and Pathos of the article.
The Comparison
These two articles are quite similar. They contain, for the most part, the same information. This only varying when coming to how much each author goes into a certain topic within the article. The same new information is used by both newspaper companies though varying when coming to vocabulary.
“The plane vanished March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.” The Philippine Star
“Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and was heading to Beijing with 239 people on board.” The Sun
“But at 12.14am on March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines lost contact with MH370 close to Phuket Island in the Strait of Malacca.” The Sun
These three statements involve the same information. I have chosen two sentences from The Sun due to the article from The Philippine Star covering both of these sentences. The Philippine Star snippet involves the word “vanished” which is a more formal way of saying that the plane had just left the map. On the other hand, The Sun addresses this by saying “lost contact” which is a more appropriate way when addressing the situation. It steers more into the lingua of pilots and airport employees when using that phrase due to the airlines literally losing contact with the aircraft. By saying that the aircraft vanished may lead to various different theories and may even freak out some. The Philippine Star states “while flying from” whilst the first sentence from The Sun states “took off”. The lingua used by The Sun also falls under the language used by airport employees and “flying” being the more colloquial way to discuss the matter. This entails that The Sun uses the more formal way, with regards to airport employees, of addressing the situation in comparison to The Philippine Star, which uses both formal and colloquial aspects towards their writing. When talking about the most recent events regarding the missing MH370 flight, there is one aspect which both articles briefly touch. “Ocean Infinity started a new search on January 22, 2018, following a failed £111million search for the plane.” The Philippine Star “Ocean Infinity started the search on Jan. 22 and has 90 search days to look for the plane.” The Sun These two sentences are about the most recent activity when it comes to the missing aircraft. Both The Philippine Star and The Sun authors almost write completely identical in the beginning of the sentences. These address the situation in the only way possible for it to be addressed, hence why both authors wrote the same thing. They had started a new search for the missing airplane and therefore did the authors properly discuss this within respective articles. They did, however, write the date in two different ways. The Philippine Star writes the whole date “January 22, 2018” whilst The Sun writes it as “Jan. 22”. This can lead to losing credibility from the readers due to the fact that they did not include which year the search began. It may be something that is a given. Though, when coming to newspaper articles, it is important to have things one hundred percent as it should be, without any shortcuts.
Language is such a big concept, especially when it comes to the English language since it is so vast and used in so many different countries. Language may differ depending on various different aspects. Though, the main aspect would be culture and environment. It is easy for a language to adapt to a country’s culture, sometimes by adapting the language and mixing it with the country’s respective language. This is something called code switching, as in the case for the Philippines, it is easy for them to incorporate Tagalog words into their everyday English and still have other people understand what they are talking about. However, when looking at the examples of the articles in this research essay, it is shown that The Sun had a great deal of better vocabulary in comparison to The Philippine Star, as stated in my introduction. It did also show up, however, that The Philippine Star sometimes addressed things in a more formal way than The Sun. It did show up that most of the information presented within each article is similar between the two newspaper companies. This can be due to the fact that the two companies are given the same information, and it is not difficult, from there, to present the information in the article in the exact same way, which is the main reason that the language does not differ at all.

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