The Value of Honour and Heroism in Our Daily Life

Published: 2021-07-12 13:25:05
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The term honour can be described as the concept of high respect and great esteem. Honour can therefore also be described in other words as the act of believing what you do is right and being confident that you have done what is right. In today’s society we are constantly surrounded by different concepts, which have a massive effect on us as individuals. I would therefore say that honour is a very important concept, not only to live by but also to understand, in order to live in today’s modern society. The amount of honour you earn defines you, and based on that I would definitely say that people today care about honour.
The concept is important to any individual that holds reliability, trustworthiness, moral values and respect. When looking back into history, honour was one of the things that lasted, it was in some cases more important than money and it made it possible for a person’s integrity or word, to form a bond to count on. Honour gives us a sense of responsibility and should therefore exist and be respected in every society. When meeting a person without any honour, a problem occurs right away as this individual automatically has the advantage of doing whatever he or she wants without thinking about whether it is right or wrong.Honour is needed in every aspect as it is one of the fundamental factors behind a well functioning society.The word heroism is defined as the act of putting other individuals before yourself, even if it means putting yourself in danger. Personally, my parents are my heroes and will forever be. The reason for this is very simple. My parents are my heroes because they believe in me, when I don’t believe in myself. They are always there to assure me that everything will be alright, when im for example stressed over school work or facing a problem. I know that they will never judge me and I know that they will always look at me with love. My parents have worked very hard to give me the best life possible, they have made many sacrifices in order to provide the best life possible for me and my siblings and I will forever be grateful for that.
They always tell me the truth and inspire me every day. They are my inspiration and I look up to them as my role models, and I know that if I grow up to be half of the person they both are today that I’m doing right in life. Heroes are very important and I believe that every individual should have someone that they strongly look up to. A hero is someone that gives you hope, saves you when you are in trouble, picks you up when you’re down and solves your problems. A hero is a helping hand and I believe that we all are born to look up to someone in order to survive, learn and grow as human beings.

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