How Foodie Movement and Insta Worthy Food Affect Sunway College Student’s Dining Habit

Published: 2021-07-10 14:50:06
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Nowadays, most of the people have changed their dining habit especially millennials. Millennials are known as foodie generation while foodie is who thinks food as art. On the other hand, foodie also refers to who loves cooking, sourcing, eating, reading and talking about food. Besides that, they always emphasize on healthy lifestyle. For example, as the growing of millennials, the sales of organic food such as avocado toast, avocado milkshake have increased almost tripled than the past 30 years. In everyone’s daily live, foods are inevitable and compulsory for the purpose of human survival. However, the role food plays has become different and various due to the sense of community. Because of the social media, millennials prefer to share whatever they have enjoyed and experienced with others including the food. For instance, they would like to take a photo of their food and post it on the social media such as Instagram and it is so call “foodstagrams” (Modos 2018).
Background of the problem
Today, lots of the catering businesses are developing rampantly. Foodie movement and insta worthy food have affected millennials’ eating habit despite the price and quantity of food. In their opinion, food is an experience. They think that eating at a restaurant which enrich with good atmosphere can bring them a sense of adventure as they could explore new food as well as new dining experience. Besides that, they tend to eat healthier even though it is more expensive. They prefer eating right than emphasizing on the weight loss diet because eating right trumps losing weight. Furthermore, food is social to everyone. Dining is one of the activities that can get friends, family members or colleagues together but millennials more focus on their Instagram’s followers.As we know, the most popular hashtag on Instagram includes #Food, #recipe, #foodie, #yummy and so on. By just using smart phone, they have become food photographers in some capacity. After using some photo editing apps, the “professional” photo of food will be produced and post on social media in order to share their experience. Moreover, not only the millennials, the staff such as chef, manager, waiter can also take the photo of the food of their restaurant and share it to the social media and it is known as one of the marketing methods (Sutter 2017).

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