How I Fell Madly in Love with Coffee

Published: 2021-06-22 16:25:05
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It all started with one of my favorite bands expressing interest in creating a roaster in an interview I had seen on YouTube. Surely enough, he made it two years later. I would then find small snippets of him talking about why he became so passionate about coffee in the first place. The constant grind of tour had him BEGGING for caffeine and surely enough, he became very passionate about coffee. He would go on to talk about his stories of finding different cafes around Europe and taking in the different scents and flavors he found while drinking a cup of coffee.
Now of course, I loved coffee for what it was since my later high school days. It was a means of picking myself up after a night of procrastination and late night studying (or non at all). It was a tool of waking me from my lack of rest. But after listening to this person speak so highly of this steamy beverage, I became so intrigued to the point of actually researching everything myself. It was interesting to see how coffee beans were harvested, roasted, and flavored. I loved how this entire process came from a simple set of beans. I couldn’t believe you could do so much with them!You know the people who label themselves as “shopaholics”? They love spending time in stores and looking at different things, whether it’s clothing, video games, or kitchen appliances. There’s something about walking into a store and looking at or buying something that’s just very appealing.
Honestly, when you buy coffee beans online, it’s the same feeling. As an avid coffee lover, I’ve become obsessed with it. I live for it. It’s such a simple form of enjoyment for the morning or the workday, but there’s a diversity and complexity to those beans that make them super interesting. When I go on the Internet with the intention to buy coffee beans online, I look at all the small details from amount of time it took to roast to the oils used to the country of origin where the beans came from. Oh yes, I love me a good cup of coffee and research combined, to say the least.
Being somebody who enjoys creative endeavors such as writing blogs and music, I sleep (questionable) during odd times of the day or night because of how invested I am with what I do. Having that great cup of coffee right beside you is relieving knowing you’ll have a great pick-me-up during those crazy work hours. It’s like having a best friend in some ways.
If you want to find a great place to buy coffee beans online, do yourself a favor and check out Koffee Kult. Based out of Hollywood Florida, Koffee Kult is easily one of the best places to find premium coffee beans for yourself. Between the selection of beans and their informative blogs and articles section, you’re getting fantastic ingredients for your beverage as well as learning fun facts about the little nuances that go into that hot (or iced) cup of coffee that you find yourself enjoying on a regular basis.

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