Inle Myanmar Restaurant in Singapore

Published: 2021-06-22 08:15:06
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There is an interesting restaurant name Inle Myanmar restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant is from Shan state located in Northwest part of Myanmar. The Inle Myanmar restaurant is located in 111 North Bridge Road #B1-07A Peninsula plaza in Singapore. The Restaurant place is indoor below the Peninsula plaza. The restaurant costumers can park their car on the roof the peninsula plaza and also the restaurant is near MRT station City hall. The Inle restaurant opens from 11 am to 10 pm and the restaurant opens every day.
The restaurant also has food delivery services. The Inle Myanmar Restaurant is casual, good for groups and even good for the children to eat there. The price of the Inle Myanmar Restaurant is not too expensive, everybody can effort to eat the foods. For example, one bowl of traditional noodle cost is $10. The Inle Myanmar Restaurant has 60 different kinds of foods likes, Myanmar pickled Tea leave salad, Century Egg salads, Mohinga, Nangyi Thoke, Myanmar spaghetti, Myeik kat kyi kaik and the restaurant also sales Burmese dessert like shwe yin, aye, Kyauk Kyaw and mango cake. The menu of the restaurant is very attractive and with nice photography.In addition, not just the Myanmar traditional food, the restaurant also adds Chinese and Thai cuisine in the menu. The food of Inle Myanmar restaurant taste is good, not so spicy, it has a balance flavor taste and the taste of the food is also suitable for young children. For example, beef stew is tenderly cook with vegetables and with Myanmar traditional spices. The waiter and waitress also recommend the food likes Rakhine moun Ti and Kyay Oae soup. The food quality is so good and fresh. Inle Myanmar restaurant had a promotion week before the Myanmar Thingyan festival, the restaurant provides set meal with low price. The visual presentation of food looks nice and it has a traditional decoration.
One of the customers said that, “I used to come to this restaurant because I like the taste of the food and environment of the place.” The decoration of Inle Myanmar restaurant is comfortable and traditionally decorated. One of the waiters said that, “we decided to decorate like this because to let the costumers feel like we are in Myanmar”. The waiter and waitress of the restaurant is polite, some waiters can speak three languages Chinese, Myanmar and English. Singaporean also works in this restaurant too. The room temperature of the restaurant is normal. The Inle Myanmar has a busy hour, from 7 pm to 10 pm is the busiest hour. The waiter said that, “Mostly Myanmar costumers come to this restaurant.” The Inle Myanmar restaurant also hosts events like birthday parties, anniversary dinners and wedding dinners.

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