Interview with My Grandmother: Insight into Her Life

Published: 2021-08-01 13:40:08
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Religion has been a very important component in my grandmother’s life. I feel that without religion she would not be the person she is today. According to Moody and Sasser (2018), “the fact that some older people undertake this spiritual journey make us believe that the effort can yield a profound sense of meaning for the later years” (p.36). She lives her life day to day with the idea that believing in the divine has helped her throughout life and it gives her a sense of meaning and security. Spiritual wellness is connected to physical wellness and her ability to use religion to cope and actively participate in a religious community gives her life more meaning (Fullen, 2019).
Pauline expressed that she did not like change, and many times throughout her life she noted that major changes in her life were defining moments. When she got a divorce and was forced to raise two children on her own, she had to make a great effort to provide for her family. Because of this she maintained many habits from childhood and early adulthood. This tendency is related to the continuity theory of aging where people are inclined to maintain as much as they can the same habits, personality, and style of life (Moody & Sasser, p.12).The disengagement theory of aging is defined as a process in which an older adult withdraws or disengages from the social roles that were central to their life in adulthood and this process is beneficial and necessary to society, as it allows the social system to remain stable and ordered (Crossman, 2019). As a retiree, my grandmother serves the role of child caretaker to the busy parents of the family. Switching roles from a government worker to someone who takes care of children, specifically grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. It is very important that an older adult disengage from their former roles in society and take on the role as a grandparent
This interview was an excellent opportunity to gain insight on the life of my grandmother and to get a better understanding of what it means to be an older adult. I had no idea how strong my grandmother was, taking care of two kids on your own is not the easiest thing to do but she did it. The course concepts gave me a much stronger perspective on what it means to be an older adult and the challenges they may face over time. Additionally, older adults are way more capable than how the media presents them; they are intelligent, creative and valuable to society. The writing process involves setting goals; for me the writing process begins with defining what the message is I am trying to get across.
I write my ideas and then write a quick draft and outline and then continuously revise and edit right up until the last minute it is due. In order to write a good piece of work a lot of time has to go into researching the topic and there needs to be a solid foundational understanding of what is being discussed minimum. After taking this class I have a clearer understanding of what the aging process entails. I had a preconceived notion that aging was going to be an awful experience and that when I am older I will not be able to function at all but knowing that what I do now in life will have a significant impact on me later in life. I believe that I will be intelligent and capable in old age.

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