Learning Disabilities and Stress on the Brain

Published: 2021-07-19 07:45:08
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Recently, disabled people in most of the developed and developing countries are given great attention due to their increasing number and their impact on the development process within society, According to the World Report on Disability:”more than a billion people in the world today experience disability”. which make up to 15% of the population, whether they were born with it or got into an accident.or because of their age. Almost 190 million people of them their disability affected their moving ability. Physically Disabled People are those with limited moving capacity or moving activity.
Educate or train children with special needs (In The Field of Modern Education) to adapt to their society is not enough, the environment must be adapted to meet their needs and requirements. There are obstacles in the environment created by humans or maybe already existed and must be modified in buildings, facilities, transportations, houses and other private and public services to become suitable for these groups to interact with the community and environment around them freely to easily integrate them into society and develop integrated and educational programs to eliminate the outstanding impurities in some practices towards them and facilitate their involvement in work and normal life considered as a part of society, they have the same rights and duties, therefore the great aspirations to cover all of the deficiencies in the area of services.Our mission as an educated youth is to raise awareness about the challenges that people with physical disabilities face when it comes to the lack of development and how it impedes their full integration into society so we are going to mention their rights and what is the negative impact on them when the environments is uninitiated for them and the positive effect on the prepared environment.
The psychological effects of disabled, in general, are kind of similar to anxiety, stress, temper..etc, however, people with physical disabilities suffer from different psychological effect as their lives are a bunch of moving deprivation that doesn’t exist in some other groups of people with special needs because of all the kinetic machine that they must abide by forced or satisfied. Despite the importance of playing it’s not allowed for fear of falling, no entering the bathroom alone or moving without help, a psychological disorder accumulated day after day for every “NO” they face and it becomes worse with age. The more obstacles they face the increasing of frustrations that reflect psychological condition and in this case either to withdraw and exhaust their mental health or to move toward themselves to be compensated by the lack of movement with the remaining capacity.
When the environment is not prepared for physical disabled that creates a serious social problem by depending on others and that makes the greatest difficulty that can encounter the disabled as he will feel incapable of doing the simplest things and that will build a negative thoughts of themselves and no doubts it will turn into depression or anxiety and accumulation of those thoughts within the unconscious processes it will reflect as aggressive behavior and introverted and they refused to agree with their physical problem and that is the most complicated problem they face in mental rehabilitation programs.
There are differences in disabled lives in society, which depends mainly on society responses and expectations.The society is the one who determines or calls injury a disability because of the limitation it makes on people with disability or interpretations of society to the extent of differences between its members and that affects the individuals growth and social adjustment, therefore physical and health problems they suffer are not due to the nature of the disability but also because of the society’s view of them which is represented by the obstacles that it places of the facilities provides for the disabled themselves.
Therefore there are a lot of factors that affect the psychological part of them but every disabled is alone in what they experience which is reflected in his adaptation to the community. Studies have indicated that there is no specific personality pattern associated with a particular disability, and there is no established relationship between the severity of disability and psychological adjustment. The individual may suffer from severe disability but at the same time adapt with it or it can be a simple disability but suffers from maladaptation.

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