Lone Survivor Movie: Summary, Acting, Techniques

Published: 2021-07-26 21:15:06
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Lone Survivor is a film based on a true story directed by Peter Burg. It is told in Marcus Luttrell’s first point of view. It highlights four Navy Seals which are Marcus Luttrell, Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz and Matthew Axelson. Operation Red Wings set out on a mission to Afghanistan to capture and murder Taliban Ahmad Shah. The Navy Seals are recognized by villagers and the mission was compromised. Eventually, the mission had been found and the men found themselves encompassed by a handful of Taliban warriors. One of the Navy Seals go to base and recover help but the Taliban’s are able to shoot down the helicopter. During the fight, three of the Navy Seals were murdered leaving one behind alive. There is one flashback when Dietz was about to die he thought about his wife and how he wasn’t going to make it.

The audience is for everyone and anyone to see, especially if someone is thinking in enlisting in the military. Marcus Luttrell’s book eventually led to someone making a movie out of it. The director Peter Berg was able to produce this movie mainly to let people see what really happened and the way Marcus Luttrell experienced it as well as the others.
The director Peter Berg did use the real life names of the four Navy Seals. Berg was able to remake the book into a film using talented actors that did their role awesome. Peter Berg is a director who has made a lot of movies and within these movies he always knows how to make the audience stay interested.

This drama/thriller film performs actor Mark Wahlberg who plays the genuine life circumstances of Marcus Luttrell. The movie is mainly about the battles the troops faced and sacrifices and how no matter what they were there for one another till the end. The director emphasizes on the mental and physical pain they went through constantly on and off the battlefield. The film starts with the troops preparing works out and tests that standard people may not envision. The starting of the film is an imperative portion in setting the tone that’s seen all through.

The four main actors did a great work of making their characters individual and genuine. The on-screen characters worked well together and truly appeared the connection that’s portrayed within the motion picture. The four actors ensembles were precise to what a genuine Navy Seal would wear and look like; everything from the performing weapons, facial hair and food. The language speaks from neutrality but when things get tough it switches up. Some of the things that happened in the movie is in a sad tone or have a negative impact on Luttrell and his squad.
Color, Tricks and Music
The film is shot in color. The film had amazing sound quality during the fight scenes and other things that led it to win multiple movie awards. The picture quality was great as well it utilized numerous angles to make sure you were able to feel like you were there. Within the action scenes there was close ups so the audience can see and feel the scene and the emotion it had to it. The stunts they were able to pull off made the movie more intense. It had a lot of scenes from people falling off the cliffs and then the airplane crashing as well as other scenes that were very emotional and made the movie more alive. The music during the whole movie is mostly by Explosions in the sky and Steve Jablonsky which is like instrumental/post rock. During the climax of the movie the song “Waking up” is being played by Explosions in the sky as well when Luttrell is alone the song “Murphy’s Ridge” is being played. The tunes expressed the alone and pitiful feelings that Marcus felt. The song at the end of the film to honor everyone who fought in the Operation Red Wings.

My Opinion
The film is based off the book by Marcus Luttrell. The movie seems to be more intense, it does not include all the little information as the book would have. The director was able to come up with much more ideas and be more imaginative. The whole point of the movie was to tell the story of the navy seals and how much effort they put to defend their country. There is a lot of war film movies that are just as good but lone survivor gives a different impact with the way the scenes are and everything else.

I loved everything about this film it is probably one of my top favorites. Mark Wahlberg is my favorite actor and he just does an incredible job at playing Marcus Luttrell. The movie really points out patriotism and honor. All four of these men were willing to sacrifice themselves and although they did not all make it one of them did and was able to tell the story. I would say nothing is lacked in the film and anyone would be interested in it as long as they like drama/thriller.

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