Love - an Eternal Feeling, that Unites People

Published: 2021-07-05 20:05:05
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Something I can’t describe. Something I can’t deny. Don’t need no alibis. You got to give me something real. Something that I like to feel. You got to give me ‘Love’ is a word for many distinguishable meanings. It is also the word for hope and happiness. it is probably the most misunderstood word than any other in the world. It drives the population of this globe as everyone chases this feeling which seems above all. Every person has found a new meaning for love which explains their selfish goals.
‘Love’ now a politician’s word, today weeps as it itself is confused about what it means to the world. Of all the things it thought it represented, they were never considered at all. I failed ‘Love’ too, I never tried to find its true meaning and I feel miserable too. I feel miserable because people loved me but I only looked for the version I knew. We blame the person we love, we also blame ‘Love’ and all that’s left are accusations and no solutions at all. Fights between loved ones ignite because both understood different meanings of ‘Love’. The more people tried to spread the divine message it got scrambled because it was their understanding of ‘Love’ and not what it really was. ‘Love’ united us, divided us and it was never its intention to become that pawn. Don’t chase the world’s understanding of Love. It is flawed as its way too diverse. Love the person you care for in this world, if that person doesn’t love you back, stop worrying as it may just be something inside your head and their way of showing love may be different than yours. If you still feel that there’s something wrong move on. Don’t fight that person to tell them how much you love, for they have their own version which will never allow them to understand yours.
Find the person/friends/community that makes you want to love, that makes you want to become a better person than you already were. You always have the choice between right and wrong and even if you don’t love someone, always guide yourself to the right column above all. Don’t love, just be right and not wrong. The world’s not perfect, but it’s not that bad. If we got each other, and that’s all we haveI will be your lover, and I’ll hold your hand. You should know I’ll be there for you. When the world’s not perfect. When the world’s not kind. If we have each other then we’ll both be fine. I will be your lover, and I’ll hold your hand. You should know I’ll be there for you

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