Mandalas and Their Use for Reducing Stress and Tension

Published: 2021-07-18 00:50:06
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Mandalas have gained in popularity in recent years. Not only do they make beautiful, decorative pictures, their colors, and shapes also help us reduce stress and relax. Many people buy mandalas that consist only of black outlines to paint them, to be enchanted by them, as others have done long ago.
The word ‘Mandala’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘sacred circle’, which reflects the cycle of life, which is oriented to the Buddhist and Hindu culture. This circle has now also found access to the essential world. Those who speak of mandalas speak of energies and mysticism. Today, we want to focus on the mandala’s own magic, which helps us with stress and explains how the coloring of mandalas becomes a relaxation technique.The Mysticism of the Mandalas
First, let us explain the origin and meaning of the mandalas. The mandalas are life-giving depictions of life in which the colors give the viewer energy and good. This type of art is very common in the Tibetan population, for example. A mandala unites the spiritual world, nature, love, and recovery.
As part of this mysticism, mandalas are therefore attributed to the following functions:

They fill the room with positive energy, establish a balance, and bring prosperity.
By transforming negative energy into positive, they are healing.
They represent the balance of life, peace, and quiet. They are art objects that put the viewer in a balanced, relaxed state.

Mandalas and Colors
Out of curiosity, we want to know what meaning is attributed to the individual colors in a mandala. The attractive geometric shapes conceal many shades, each conveying its own message. Since Mandalas come from the Buddhist and Hindu cultures, we speak of energies and chakras at this point.

Red. Represents the first chakra and conveys the power and value of love and passion as well as pride.
Orange. The second chakra. The color of ambition and also of optimism, which addresses the power inherent in each individual and can be used to achieve goals and dreams.
Yellow. Is the third chakra. What does the color tell us? Yellow stands for intelligence, good deeds, and also for personal freedom.
-Green. The fourth chakra. Gives hope and healing and provides a balance between love and reason.
Blue. Represents the fifth chakra. As you may already suspect, blue reflects calm, peace, and tolerance.
Indigo blue. The sixth chakra helps us communicate with the inner self and solve problems in a rational, balanced way.
Violet. Represents the seventh chakra. A magical color that conveys imagination and spirituality.
Pink. The eighth chakra. A very pleasant color, which envelops us in friendship and love and makes us happy.

Mandalas for the Reduction of Stress
You may be interested to know that mandalas have been used more extensively in education for a number of years, especially among young children. Mandalas help them to focus their attention and express their feelings about the choice of colors. Her concentration increases and her fine motor skills improve.
In the field of adults, Mandalas can also be used to create interesting effects: painting a mandala is a good relaxation exercise; you can let the mind and senses drift and lose yourself in the imaginative figures.
There are very complex Mandalas and we need a lot of attention to coloring these circles. It takes concentration to select the shades to work together in the way we imagine. Some choose more dark colors and the finished mandala reflects his state of mind again. When the mandala is finished, we have an image of our emotions that we can consciously look at. This is not uninteresting when it comes to children whose true feelings we otherwise find difficult to access.
As we have already mentioned, Mandalas are more or less difficult to design. Maybe you only need half an hour to paint a mandala, maybe even a few days. It is clear that at this time you can find yourself, deal with your feelings and thoughts. At the same time, you can switch off for a while and not worry about your everyday problems.
There are even more mandalas on numerous websites, from which you can print them directly. You can also find them in the stationery shop. Mandalas not only allow you to live out your artistic streak but also to strengthen your cognitive and emotional abilities. They are also great for your kids so they can concentrate better and work on their fine motor skills. They are certainly fun and they will be very grateful to you!

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