Masculinity: a Way Where Men Can Feel Empowered

Published: 2021-06-30 07:25:08
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Pre-world war two, a married couple was seen as two separate individuals who each had particular jobs of their own. The men are to work by providing food, and shelter. The women had to take care of the kids, cook, clean, and please their husbands. This ideology was to establish a male dominance over women in society. Women were merely looked at as trophies as opposed to actual persons. A Street Car Named Desire, and Saturday Night Fever both portray this ignorant mentality where men can do as they pleased and women were to do as they’re told. In modern day we can still witness women being subjected to gender in equality.
Detergent companies such as Tide persistently show only women in their commercials doing laundry. Although we aren’t in the pre-world war two era, we certainly see stereotypes and misconceptions used against women. In this discussion we will look at how masculinity is portrayed in both A Street Car Named Desire and Saturday Night Fever and highlight a sense of empowerment the men might have felt based on their actions.Scene three is introduced to us by describing the settings of what appears to be an all guys poker night. The hard, strong scent of the whisky on the table hints to a representation of masculinity. Whiskey can be considered a “strong drink” which is why it represents the idea of masculinity due to its characteristics. As the night progresses, Stanley starts to exemplify and assert an alpha male dominance based on all the decisions he makes about the poker game. Stanley starts leveling Mitch’s masculinity down by implying that he needs to go home to be with his mother. Stanley makes a fool out of Mitch’s love and respect for his mother because he’s always with her and is considered a mommas boy. Stanley at this point feels empowered by mocking Mitch’s masculinity and this increases Stanley’s because he feels that he is more manlier than Mitch. Stanley and Mitch’s relationship gets tense at the poker game because they both have interest in the same woman. The jealousy between them can be connected to two male elephants competing for a female so that they can mate. Which is why Stanley finds it in himself to belittle Mitch and out do him in front of Blanche. Stanley’s need to assert dominance comes in at all-time high, when he strikes his own wife during an argument, after he threw out the radio out of the window. His masculinity is demonstrated through his superior ness. By striking Stella sends a wave of intimidation to his friends and Blanche. He shows in masculinity by treating her like a child that’s been misbehaving, parents tend to come to physical means when trying to discipline their child or children.
Another animal like imagery is how Stanley “charges” for Stella and hits her. Animals when frustrated trigger an automatic sensor for attack. By striking Stella continues to show that Stanley is the dominant force in the relationship and he is not to be reckoned with. Mitch reiterates this argument that women should not be around men when playing poker. The more he says it, the more Mitch emphasizes the word “not” because he shows remorse for what has happened to Stella. This entails that Mitch isn’t that kind of man that is worried about being a male dominant figure, as opposed to his friend Stanley.

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