Mathematics is My Choice to Study Further

Published: 2021-07-11 14:20:04
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Mathematics is everywhere in life, whether it is just numbers or big equations, each aspect is important and fascinating in its own way. For most, maths is seen as a boring compulsory subject that has to be taken, for me it’s a challenge with a variety of ways getting to the same end point is exhilarating. Choosing to study mathematics further was inevitable, it provided valuable skills that can be portrayed in many areas. My A level subjects have broadened my knowledge on other topics as well as maths. Through psychology, I have developed my statistical skills through tests like spearman’s rank and going over basics like averages. In addition, it has developed my written and verbal communication, broadening my knowledge of statistics whilst developing my skills of data communication and presenting building upon my critical thinking skills as well as my analytical skills. Furthermore, whilst also appearing in my geography course, statistical analysis was a key part especially when it came to coursework drew me into maths with its vast amount of areas there was never a boring moment, only opportunities to express yourself and be creative.
Geography was another subject that sparked my interest in mathematics, with the way the world changing and becoming more globalised companies are looking into their expenditures whilst trying to increase their revenues by outsourcing to areas with lower wages. It is intriguing to look at the ways in which companies work to maximise profits and cut down on expenses yet produce the same goods. Each subject is different in its own way, yet it gives me opportunities to apply my mathematical knowledge and explore maths in a new light.As a part-time tutor at a tuition centre I have been able to work with children of mixed abilities from Key stage 1 to key stage 3. Being a tutor has allowed me to develop my skills through preparing tailored lesson plans and carrying out administrative tasks. This role has also improved my organisational skills and IT skills whilst developing my confidence, these are all skills that will be beneficial for my future. Furthermore, communication with students and parents of different backgrounds forms a fundamental part of the role which at times could be difficult yet it helped develop my patience and understanding.
My strengths and capabilities were shown through my GCSE grade which was acknowledged at an awards ceremony for top achievers in the borough. Achieving one of the highest sets of GCSE grades put me in a good position with a variety of choice but ultimately mathematics had to choice to study further. My A level experience differed from the norm with me having to retake a year due to exam stress and anxiety getting the better of me. However, with the support of teachers and family I have learnt ways to manage this and techniques to calm myself down, all of which would be beneficial to me in the future, especially when there are exams to take in university. While in school I was one of six people chosen to take part in a workshop at UCL which was an amazing and informative experience. During this visit I was able to talk to different people who were studying maths and participate in a workshop where we applied our mathematical techniques and knowledge to complete activities and produce games.
Furthermore having visited university fairs and universities I have had the opportunity to sit in taster lessons and talk to undergraduate students who have only made me want to study mathematics further. Also I was chosen as a lead learner by my school to help support teaching staff during a variety of subjects. This involved assisting teachers during classroom activities and helping students who were struggling. I felt I helped them improve and the teachers were appreciative of my input.

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