Me in 5 Years: Dreams and Goals

Published: 2021-08-04 09:10:06
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 Hey, I’m Jubilee But you can call me “Jubi”. I am 12 years old, and love to dance. Today I’m going to be telling you a story on how I— ok I know this sounds weird but this is a story on what you will call either believing in yourself or true to yourself. So I’ve been dancing since I was 3yr. old So this is my 9th year and I’m really nervous. So far I’m doing 7 or 8 numbers/dances, I’m still working on the 8th one. My class has 5 people in it but 2 of them go on Saturday and my cousin cadence, my friend Becca, and—me, of course, all go on Friday.
I and my cousin kadence are neighbors— and yes that includes her 6 other brothers and sisters—they can be a little annoying sometimes manly the little ones tho. This is her 10th year dancing she is so good at it. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there’s me I love dancing but I don’t like being forced to do stuff. So I go at my own pace and do my own thing and my teacher ms. Lynn doesn’t like that— hold up did I tell you guys to go to the victory dance studio and so far I did ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, point, and lyrical/ loves the dances I do the way I do them but she also likes when people listen and I rarely do that. this summer I and cadence made 2 duets 2 solos and a trio. I’ll tell you a little more about my summer later.Well, this summer I and cadence decided what days we would practice, We decided on a Wednesday. However, we also had to decide what type of dance we will be doing this year— and could you guess what it was. Well, long story short it was— drum roll please(dadadadadadada) lyrical and point. Lyrical is fun simple and I love it, but on the other hand, the point needs discipline and is harder to do. I’m doing a solo, duo, and trio. Kadence is doing 2 solos, a trio, and 2 duos. Sydney is doing a duo and a trio.
Dance class started on September 6th,2019 I was so excited until I was told we were not going to go. Eventually, we convinced our parents to put us back in and they did. still, I was nervous, on our first day I fell like 20 times—me over exaggerating. I eventually realized it was because my pointe shoes didn’t fit they were leaving bunions and blisters. a couple of months passed and the show was coming up, I couldn’t do it. But I couldn’t do it I mean I’m bad at it I don’t want to be humiliated I can’t dance right now I want to crawl into a hole and die(metaphorically not literally).
A couple more months pass and it’s the day of the show— ok I may have tried to fake sick but my mom can see right through my lies it’s like she has superpowers or like she human lie detector. We finally got to Upper Perkiomen High School(aka upper perk high(that’s where we perform every year)— I had butterflies in my stomach as soon as we pulled up. I knew I couldn’t do it but I have like 8 numbers so I’m pretty sure I have to do it. A couple of hours passed it was show time and I have some gaps in between each number so I should be good—even though I was having an anxiety/panic attack—then all of a sudden boom. Wanted all I could hear was sirens, doctors, and people mumbling around me, I can see very little everything seems blurry, then all of the sudden was at the hospital. when I woke up, there were so many people around me they were asking me many questions but all I can answer was my recital I need to go to. finally, I got out of the hospital after too 3 different tests —it took forever. eventually, we got back to the recital but it was too late, nobody was there besides the person that plays the songs and the clean-up people. I got enough courage to go up to the booth and ask the person to play number 10 unbreakable by Kelly Clarkson and Janelle Monáe. I got on stage gave the signal and did my dance. Thank you for listening bye. 

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