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Published: 2021-06-22 03:00:04
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Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are information systems generated to help in organization, automation, and synchronization of a company’s marketing activities, sales activities, customer service activities, and technical activities (Pal 2012). This helps a company to integrate both future and current customers thus enabling for easy management and coordination of customer activities and transactions. CRM systems usually have service response according to user inputs and help customers solve common problems when accessing services and when conducting business transactions. CRM systems also help in customer support and direct online communications which help customers when receiving services. Barclays Bank LP, UAE is one of the many organizations using CRM systems to carry out customer transactions and customer services. Barclays bank UAE uses the Microsoft dynamics CRM system which is one of the world’s best CRM systems. Microsoft dynamics CRM has extensive features and utility functionalities which help Barclays’ customers to consolidate all their transactions and activities onto one screen. This enables for easy tracking of transactions and easy coordination between activities or transactions (Wolenik 2014).
Another major feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is its ability to make customer engagement and experiences predictive. It has internal analytics which help to identify customer patterns and trends to predict future outcomes. This helps Barclays Bank in decision making and introduction of better customer service plans that serve their customers better (Pal 2012). Apart from that, Microsoft Dynamics software has the business intelligence functionality which helps businesses to monitor business performance. The feature enables a company to set up dashboards with inline graphs, charts, and drill-down intelligence for observing company progress and performance. This helps a company to visually navigate through data, uncover new insights and identify trends that are helpful to a company. This helps a company in decision making streamlining of processes to ensure that customers have the best experience with their transactions and systems. Microsoft Dynamics also has the customization and sharing feature which allows a company to import and integrate custom made features from other developers into the systems for better functionality (Wolenik 2014). This helps a company to improve the system and ensure that it delivers exactly what users need. Microsoft Dynamics software has a lot of features which helps it fulfil customer satisfaction. One of the features of this software system is advanced configuration capabilities which allows users to engage in custom activities and seamless communication with Barclay’s customer service. The advanced configuration features also helps customers in data auditing, increased data security, and better form experiences derived from the improved knowledge base (Wolenik, Sinay & Bhaiya 2011). Apart from that, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has advanced user customization features which helps to deliver a unique user centered experience for each customer at the bank. Users are able to configure and customize their own workplaces thus giving each user what one requires. This helps to make transactions customer centered thus meeting each customer’s needs and requirements (Wolenik 2014).
Another major feature of Microsoft Dynamics that helps it fulfil customer satisfaction is its ability to integrate with Microsoft office. Integration with Microsoft office helps customers to quickly send information from Microsoft office to Microsoft Dynamics CRM thus enabling for increased efficiency and flexibility during transactions (Wolenik 2014). Customers are able to link the Outlook feature with Dynamics CRM and flag or highlight records just like in Outlook emails. In addition to this, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the role based forms and views which ensures that each customer sees and gets exactly what he is supposed to get. This role tailored design helps to bar customers from accessing and seeing information that does not belong to them. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system also has interactive dialogs which helps in guiding users through transactions and ensure that they have the best experience accessing Barclay’s services. In addition to this, the dialogs have step by step scripts which help to improve performance and versatility. This is achieved through incorporation of work flow logic and automation of tasks which is done in regard to the responses a user keys in during transaction processing. This helps to improve customer experience, company efficiency and customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics system also helps Barclays bank to ensure that they serve their customers at any place and at any time (Wolenik, Sinay & Bhaiya 2011). This helps to improve service delivery efficiency and ensure that they meet the demands of their customers.
In my opinion, a CRM system has a lot of advantages to a company. The first advantage of a CRM system to a company is improved customer service. A CRM system makes it easy for a company to deliver quality customer services through service scheduling and service delivery management (Pal 2012). This ensures that customers receive services at the right time and in the right manner. The major service types include queue management, contract, scheduling administration and knowledge base. Another advantage of employing a CRM system at a company is easy reporting and analytics. A CRM system helps in tracking customer transactions, observing trends, and faults which are then reported back to the management team for decision making. The analytics feature helps to know customer trends and preferences thus enabling for better functionality and service delivery. Another major advantage of a CRM is sales automation. A CRM system enables for live tracking and processing of customer transactions from ordering to delivery of products thus ensuring that the whole process is automated. This ensures that the whole sales life cycle is efficient, manageable and free from fraud (Wolenik, Sinay & Bhaiya 2011). Apart from that, a CRM system ensures that customers can access services on online platforms at any time and at any place. This increases convenience and helps customers to achieve their transaction goals at their own convenience. The ability to guide customers through transactions and ensure that the transactions are a success is another major feature of a CRM that makes it advantageous to an organization. This helps to create proactive customer experiences by determining the next appropriate customer interaction with the system. In addition to this, CRM systems helps customers to personalize their experiences with the system this ensuring that an organization meets each customer’s experience (Wolenik 2014).

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