My Motivation to Get the Master’s Program in Electronic Science and Technology

Published: 2021-07-07 01:45:05
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I am applying to Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) for the master’s program in Electronic Science and Technology under the Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics research direction. I chose to further my education in engineering because of my undying love for technology and how it has positively changed the world. My interest in engineering dates back to my early days. I found Mathematics and Science interesting and mentally satisfying, and was intrigued by how electronic devices worked, I wanted a career path that would enable me to incorporate all these areas in my work, and provide me the opportunity to create things that would have a positive effect on the world. This motivated me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Regent University College of Science and Technology (RUCST), Ghana. For the duration of my program, disciplining myself to study was never a problem. My natural curiosity and strong inclination to master the course in depth motivated me to be an outstanding student. I graduated with First Class Honors and was awarded the “Best Computer Engineering Student” upon graduating in October 2016.
My undergraduate studies was rigorous and challenging. The extensive curriculum at RUCST has given me a comprehensive background in Electronic Circuits and Systems. Having been exposed to several areas in which electronics can be applied, I found its application in wireless communication most appealing. I am captivated by how electronic components are integrated to amplify, modulate, filter, process and convert electrical signals into radio waves, making wireless communication possible. These concepts and their inception, are not only a vital aspect to man, but also machines and will constantly be faced with the need for more power efficient, faster, yet cost-effective communication systems. It is my desire to contribute to the ongoing developments and to spearhead future developments in wireless communication technology. Pursuing my master’s degree at your prestigious university is the crucial next step towards achieving this goal.My research interest is in Integrated Circuit Design. I am specifically interested in the theoretical analysis and practical design of Analog/RF Integrated Circuits for wireless communication applications. During my studies at XJTU, I plan to acquire expertise in IC Design Flow and fundamentals, in the design of various transceiver building blocks, learn about different IC process technologies but with special emphasis on CMOS, gain proficiency in industry standard software tools and publish papers in top international journals. I am confident that with the foundation built in my undergraduate studies, coupled with the course structure at XJTU and supervision under distinguished faculty members, I would make positive contributions in this area. I have selected XJTU as the university to further my education because I recognize that the Graduate Program in Electronic Science and Technology is the perfect auspice to foster and empower me on my journey to attain all my career goals. I found that the academic standard and practical experience I will gain in the Department of Electronic Engineering would be exceptional. Any association with this institution will undoubtedly make a great contribution towards achieving my career objectives. I have also been impressed by the research work done in the area of Integrated Circuit Design. The heterogeneous nature of the institution’s student body is greatly appealing and has played a huge part in my decision to further my education at XJTU. A degree at XJTU doesn’t only give me access to one of the best universities in the world but also gives me an opportunity to explore and be more exposed to the rich cultures other parts of the world boast.
In addition to my academic pursuit, I engaged in several extracurricular activities. Alongside the Google Student Ambassador, I organized several tech events on campus and trained students on how to use Google Apps for education. Out of my free will, I taught tutorials to students on courses like Electronics, MATLAB, Digital Signal Processing and many others. In addition to this, I was also part of the men’s athletics team and a member of the school’s choir.
After successfully completing my master’s degree program, I plan to pursue a doctorate degree to further research on Analog/RF Integrated Circuits design for wireless applications. During this period, I hope to gain experience as a teaching assistant as this experience would be beneficial when I go into academia. After my doctorate degree, I plan to work as an Analog Design Engineer for a couple years. In the long run, I plan to pioneer IC Design education in my country Nigeria by setting up labs in universities, teaching IC Design related courses, providing scholarships and exchange programs with world class universities across the globe.
I believe that XJTU is the perfect institution for my graduate program and I believe that I possess the intellectual capability, enthusiasm, and readiness to enable me set out on this path. I am confident of meeting XJTU’s high standards and making positive contributions to the growth of Xi’an Jiaotong University. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Xi’an Jiaotong University. I really hope my application is found favorable.

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