My Personal Interest in the Pharmaceutical Profession

Published: 2021-07-04 07:45:04
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When I was in high school, my grandfather became extremely ill. He had two cardiac attacks before the last one, and between this duration, he survived more than 4 years only due to medicines. Through his healing process, I saw the power of medicine. I started looking into how to become a pharmacist. It sparked a passion for me to pursue a career in healthcare in order to help my community. Moreover, I love how the field is constantly growing and evolving.
My personal interest in the pharmaceutical profession is rooted in my desire to be involved in the improvement of others’ health, to be knowledgeable in the various topics pertaining to health care, and to possess the means to explore my fullest potential through a meaningful career. To achieve my career goal, I started to peruse a college degree in Biology as my major. By getting enrolled in this program, I learn the most basic important knowledge. My 3rd year of college education is going to be extremely interesting and challenging. Through my pre-requisites courses of pharmacy program, I am learning about life and health on the bases of different genetical evolution which can be possible through the medicines. The human’s body structure and their functions have been particularly interesting to me as I’m taking biology subject as my major. It is entrancing to find out about the chemical and biological make-up of the human body and the endless processes that are happening frequently inside us. I am looking forward to the professional program and desired to learn in incredible insight about a wide range of medicines and their reactions within the human body. Apart from that, I am excited to apply the knowledge which I have gained through my current academic program.Moreover, I am working as a Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens. My professional experience also helps me to understand various kind of dilemma happened due to the medicine reaction. Being a pharmacy technician, I gather patient information for the pharmacist to review; order, receive and manage inventory; perform computer order entry; and prepare products including compounding, counting, measuring and labelling. It is important to me that I have a passion for whatever path my life takes. Since I have control over that career path, I am choosing to pursue a career that will provide me a challenging and satisfactory life.
My potential to excel has always been realized in my life academically. I plan to continue to defiance myself with the rigorous Doctor of Pharmacy program at Long Island University- Brooklyn, and in the future with the demanding pharmaceutical profession.

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