My Visit to Palmetto Bay Park

Published: 2021-07-17 09:05:05
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I visited Palmetto Bay Park that is a 25-acre park, located in Miami, Florida just off US-1. The park was initially called Perrine park but was later renamed to Palmetto Bay Park in 2006. The park is surrounded by a serene environment full of trees, green grass and wildlife birds such as grackles, mocking birds and white ibis. There are sideways designated for both cyclist, and people at the parks.
The park has been built with amenities such as courts for playing baseball, playgrounds for children, skate field, fields for playing softball, gazebos that are available for renting for small groups of people and not withstanding a two-story building, that is the focal point of the park. There are also rooms that are well ventilated for activities that are to be performed indoors such as seminars and meetingsWhen I entered the Park at around 1:00pm, I found there were already a lot of people there, from the elderly, parents, youths and children all involved with different activities. I walked through the park enjoying the natures beauty while taking the initiative of feeding some of the birds. The atmosphere was so relaxing and a happy mode could be sensed within the area. I later sat down at one of gazebo to take some snacks that I had brought with me and there I made a friend whom we went to play baseball together with. I really enjoyed myself and could hardly notice how time was moving fast. Before leaving the park, I noticed that there were litter around especially at the playground areas and fortunately I had carried some pair of gloves in my bag, so I wore them and started collecting the litter and placing them in the proper trash receptacle.After about five minutes I was join by two elderly couple, who told me that they I had noticed my love for the environment and they had come to help. The number increased to about nine people by the time we were through in collecting all the litter. I then realized that it only takes one-person initiative to make a difference. Even so, there were those who didn’t seem to care about making the park clean and some children kept throwing sweet wraps hardly before we finished the charity work we were offering. From my experience at Palmetto Bay Park, I strongly believe that parks are worthwhile and converting real estates to parks is the best decision that can be made. With the conservancy of trees in the park, a fresh air environment is provided to the people and clears pollution of air thus bringing health benefits to people. The trees in the parks also attracts wildlife, like in Palmetto Bay park, the trees there have attracted a variety of birds, that people just come to have a view of.
The parks provide avenues where you can meet new people, interact with them, play together different games there and share life lessons. These is act as a stress reliever and improves on your mental health. With the increase in urbanization and industrialization, we find that we are hardly left with enough space to indulge in physical activities and playgrounds where children are free to play, parks provide these spaces and makes life more satisfactory. With the endless positive contribution of parks to our society, I would recommend that more parks should be considered and that we should conserve the already existing ones by actions such as keeping them clean.

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