Object of Semiotics as a Discipline

Published: 2021-07-19 00:40:07
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Semiotics is an essential theory of interpreting pictures in present day times. In this paper, I will emphasis on two important researchers within the semiotics study who are Saussure and Peirce as their theories are tremendously important and applicable to help we examine advertisements. In this context, I have utilized their theories to analyse two luxury fragrance advertisements which is Dior J’adore and Burberry London, and can understand the meanings and structures of the advertisements by the theory of semiotics. These semiotic theories clarify symbols in print advertisements of these luxury brands from the point of view of Semiotic, to inquire into the reasons of success of print advertisements of luxury brands and implication meanings behind expansion meanings from these image symbols. It is essential to ace some features of symbols well amid advertisements design, sophisticated symbol design amid advertisements design can refine texture and level of advertisements as well as spread messages factually.
Semiotic is a study of symbols and signs and one who studies or practices semiotics is called semiotician. Semiotic studies began in the 20th century and was founded by American philosopher Charles Sanders Pierce and the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure whom defines Semiotics as the study of “the life of signs within society”. It is a research of how sign convey the meaning and all of the connection between them. For instance, the way it functions, the relationship with other signs, and acknowledgment by users. A definition of semiotic as a discipline it is a study about sign and everything around it. Also, it is a general science about sign and contains structuralism. Since all of it is relating with meaning, be that as it may it is not arrange, varieties, and separated. Furthermore, semiotic is a specialize study of signs and symbols what they mean and what are they used. With these concepts, general semiotics allows us to portray any system of signs such as writings, pictures, exhibitions, multimedia productions, traffic signals, fashion, lifestyle and more.Reference

Yohana, F. A.(2019). SEMIOTIC-ANALYSIS BASED ON PEIRCE TRIADIC THEORY ON TAGLINES OF NOKIA, HONDA, AIRASIA, LG AND YOU C 1000 ADVERTISING. [online] Journal.lppmunindra.ac.id. Available at: https://journal.lppmunindra.ac.id/index.php/Deiksis/article/viewFile/533/802

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