Overview of Four Main Types of Powers

Published: 2021-06-28 14:15:04
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In light of the discussion studies the leadership style and leaders power in a large scale of organization, there are numerous/diverse sorts of powers that exist. When a person is empowered potential then that man or woman has a potential to take any choices and can impact the resources around him/her and can modify the policy and techniques in any environment at a required time and at any cost-based totally on his/her interest. Additionally, have supremacy over negotiation that can facet to negotiate on his/her terms and conditions in having higher deals and gain offers in place.
Basically four types of powers are classified based on knowledge, position etc.
Information / Data based Power
Power possessed by an individual are due to having lot of knowledge on the subject or entity that he/she handles. Facebook is information based power. Mark Zukerberg, who is the co-founder of this company, he gathered information/data of billions of folks by web-based networking media. He is a perfect example of possessing information based power as developed an app which collates the data of billons and millions of people, entities and other marketing streams all together and have a capability to access by a click. The recent security breach conducted by Cambridge analytica, has been added into the limelight that the confidential statistics of open records abuse or misassumptions of misusing individuals data collection. Congress of USA government has accused him for sharing and stated to be sold the confidential workforce statistics to other organizations.Position based
Defined based on what level or position that an individual is positioned in a country that makes him dominant by acquiring the highest commanding position in the society. For example Donald Trump, President of USA. He can take any decisions and have power to implement in the country at any point for whatever the reason it could be. Some decisions may be good and vice-versa but whatever he makes he should be having some reason for what he is making and not to misuse his authorities and everything should be transparent in all channels and should be discussed with the other team members before implementing.
Relationship/Referral based
An individual who has a high level of contacts within the society and in various legal entities can be referred to have a relationship/referral based power. Using this power the person can start all new business at any time. Example: Vijay Maliya who owns Kingfisher airlines is a perfect to say that he possess high level of referral power as he was bankrupted with huge money and flew to hide in UK.
Contextual power
In spite of various mixtures of culture, legal constituencies and external audience an individual has a high probability of achieving his or hers objectivities by possessing high level of negotiation skills. Example: Steve Capus who is a president of NBC. It involves culture, various constituencies and external audience.

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