Parameters Involved in Floating Architecture Design

Published: 2021-07-05 23:35:04
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Due to different condition like climatic changes,scarcity of usable land,etc the need for floating structures isarising but before we adapt to the construction of floating structure we need to know its impact on the environment. This paper deals with the study of understanding as to what is floating structures and the different parameters thatare needed to be studied while designing for a floating structure.
The main aim is to understand,its scope in the currentscenario, a brief study of techniques used for construction,sustainable approaches that are possible, problems facedduring the different phases i.e before,during and after construction. At last, the aim is to arrive at a conclusion thatwhy architecture in water is important. As there is no such ideal method of construction used for floating construction of floating structure we will need tostudy the characteristics such as sustainable features,construction method,impact on marine ecosystem through ourcase studies of existing built structures.Keywords: Floating Architecture, Floating building, Architectural characteristics, water quality, Environmentalimpact, Sustainability, Climate change.
Climate change like global warming steadily brings a rise in sea and river water level. Natural disasters likeflooding and earthquake happens a lot in recent years. On the other hand, people like to have a residence and enjoyleisure activities near or on the water according to the improved income level. Reclamation method for land supplyis regarded as environmentally negative and very hard to proceed. New floating buildings such as house, apartment,restaurant, café, school, exhibition hall, marina club house, swimming pool, hotel, prison and so on are being builtaround the world.
The aim of this study is to review the architectural characteristics of floating buildings by studying thedesign parameters used in the built floating structures.

To study the necessity of floating structure.
To study the concerns of marine ecosystem.
To study the construction techniques.
To study the impact of water on materials of floating structures.
Analysis of different case studies

The research focuses on the study of types of construction techniques in floating architecture which will help us tocreate an ideal solution for the same to some extent.LimitationThe research is only limited to floating structures and does not deal with the structures on land and underwater structures.Need of the projectDue to climatic changes,dearth of usable land,abundant water quota of the earth surface and rising income of people,floating building is emerging as a strong and attractive alternative. But before we adapt to this alternative we need toconsider all the factors before carrying on its construction.-
Methodology Definition & Description of Floating Building
Floating building can be defined as a structure for living/working space that floats on the water with floatationsystem, is moored in a fixed place, doesn’t include a water craft for navigation, and has a premises service system (electricity, water/sewage and city gas) served through the connection by permanent supply/return lines between floatingbuilding and service station on close land, or has self-supporting service facilities for itself.
Floating building on the water is basically endurable to a change in sea or river water level, and can be relocated todifferent places when necessary due to easy movable characteristics. Floating building is advantageous to utilize thevarious renewable energies because solar, hydrothermal, wave and wind energies can be obtained easily on the watercomparing with the building on land. And also, users of floating building usually enjoy the peaceful, comfortable, andsocial atmosphere around the water within the natural environment. Connection to the nature is likely to generate thepositive states of well-being and health for the residents and visitors.Impact of floating structure on the water quality and ecology.
Monitoring water quality under floating structures has been difficult until now because of the poor accessibility of thewater body underneath the structures. In this research project, a remote controlled underwater drone equipped withwater quality sensors and a video camera, was used to perform dissolved oxygen measurements under and aroundfloating buildings/platforms. The drone monitored several water quality parameters, such as pressure (depth), temperature,conductivity, nitrate, ammonium, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. In addition to the data from the sensors,the underwater drone also collected footage of aquatic life, which were used to assess the ecology and habitat under inthe vicinity of the floating structures. Data was collected from several different locations throughout The Netherlands,from July until October 2014.
Results and discussion
Water quality
The results in this paper focus on the analysis of dissolved oxygen. It is one of the most affected parameters by thepresence of floating structures, due to the coverage of the water surface, and consequent influence on the air-waterinteractions. Water quality assessment is a subject of high complexity, as the parameters vary not only temporally (e.g.daily, seasonal) and spatially, but also with water depth and temperature. In order to analyze how the water qualityparameters vary under floating structures, the measured data was divided in depth ranges and then the averages foreach depth were computed. This allowed evaluation and comparison of results from different depths andzones, and to quantify the effects that the floating body may cause.

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