Poems by Robert Frost - Short Description

Published: 2021-07-24 06:20:06
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Robert Frost is an American poet who wrote many poems involving connecting nature to his life. Two notable poems he wrote are Birches and Nothing Gold Can Stay. These poems reflect his interest and fascination of all things nature. He seemed to enjoy just being apart of it and experiencing life outside of inventing. Many feel that Robert Frost was a conservationist and wanted to protect the earth. With the state the earth is in currently, conservationists want to help keep it as healthy and livable as possible. There are so many factors affecting the earth’s health and the quality of life people live in today’s society. The earth has undergone an extreme amount of changes and the construction and chemicals put into it can harm the inhabitants and the earth itself. Air, water, and even food quality is affected by the chemicals on earth and the processes they go through. Chemical plants, dumping, and the amount of unrecycled waste on earth have greatly affected the earth’s health and everything involving it including people. The only way to efficiently improve the health of the earth itself is to treat it better when it comes to the things people expose into the air, water, and land of the Earth. Poets like Robert Frost seemed to appreciate and notice the beauty of the earth but understand that things are happening in it that are not good for it and need to be stopped.
Deforestation is the act of clearing a wide area of trees. Deforestation takes place in many areas of land where an abundance of plant life is growing. It is done most of the time to put something in the place where the vegetation is such as highways, stores, or neighborhoods. The action can sometimes be a very controversial topic. The most significant reason for deforestation is agriculture. Growing crops and products requires the land to be cleared before farming begins. “Deforestation occurs for a number of reasons, including farming, mostly cattle due to its quick turn around; and logging, for materials and development. It has been happening for thousands of years, arguably since man began converting from hunter/gatherer to agricultural-based societies, and required larger, unobstructed tracks of land to accommodate cattle, crops, and housing. It was only after the onset of the modern era that it became an epidemic.” As stated by the Pachamama Alliance. Vegetation and beautiful landscape will get cut down to be replaced by a strip mall or car dealerships which greatly upsets the long term citizens of the place to see such a beautiful part of their home be torn down. Memories like the ones represented in Robert Frost’s poem Birches “So was I once myself a swinger of birches. And so I dream of going back to be”. As a child, Robert Frost enjoyed playing in nature, swinging on branches, and climbing trees. Deforestation takes away that opportunity for children in today’s society and the memories of those who have already experienced it.It is extremely important for many people to preserve what we have left of nature. The nature on Earth is what was ultimately put here, not to be torn down for society’s wants. Those things involve arcades and easy access roads. These conveniences for us put a cut in the earth’s lush vegetation. Preserving nature is not only beneficial to saving Earth but also in understanding and studying earth science. Nature helps to explain so many reasons as to why things happen daily and how certain landforms and animals came to where they are to begin with. Big corporations are so quick to cut down rainforests and any wide range of trees to gain profit off of their business’ but do not realize that preserving nature benefits people more than a new store. “Preservation of natural areas also provides many practical benefits. For example, natural areas contain the biological raw material necessary for the development of products that could greatly benefit the health, diversity and genetic well-being of man. A new wonder drug or fine industrial product, yet to be discovered, may now exist only in some inconspicuous organisms harbored in a nature preserve. Already approximately half of the drugs currently in use contain derivatives of wild plants, yet only a small percentage of all plants have been investigated for their potential in such uses. The need to protect the remaining 98 percent until they can be researched is obvious.” The Indiana Department of Natural Resources exploits how nature is vital to the health of a society. Yet many people overlook the need for nature and plow through it with money on their mind. “Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold.” Robert Frost states that nature’s greenery is seen as gold, interpreted as high in value. Not long after being grown it can all be cut away for the worth of the land. An extremely devastating act of deforestation happening in today’s society is the cutting of trees in the Amazon rainforest.
“Forests play many important ecological roles. From helping to mitigate climate change; providing homes for many species of plants and animals; providing food, medicine, and livelihoods for people around the globe; to the intrinsic values of forests, these essential ecological powerhouses are irreplaceable and at risk. Forests cover 31% of our planet; the Amazon rainforest alone is home to hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals. Yet, despite everything forests do for the planet, they are being cut down at an alarming rate. Every year 46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost to deforestation, which is equal to an astounding 48 football fields of forest disappearing every minute.” The Climate Institute clearly represents how important these rainforests are to the survival of humankind yet they are still for some reason being continuously cut down. Deforestation not only harms the earth but it harms the people living in those areas and all the animals whose homes and food sources are being cut down. The animals present in these forests have nowhere else to go and no other source of food. Deforestation easily kills a large percentage of wildlife. If the killing of thousands of wildlife is not enough to anger people the harm deforestation causes humans themselves should be extremely alarming. A harmful form of deforestation is called biomass burning where the large areas of trees are burned down rather than cut. “Since fires produce carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, biomass burning emissions significantly influence the Earth’s atmosphere and climate. Biomass burning has both short-and long-term impacts on the environment. Vegetation acts as a sink—a natural storage area—for carbon dioxide by storing it over time through the process of photosynthesis. As burning occurs, it can release hundreds of years worth of stored carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in a matter of hours. Burning also will permanently destroy an important sink for carbon dioxide if the vegetation is not replaced.” In addition to its local effects, burning organic materials on a large scale, like what is done with slash-and-burn agriculture, emits greenhouse gases, which contribute to global climate change”. NASA and The Climate Institute prove how the effects of deforestation harm people long term and short term and cause the earth to be put in an overwhelming danger. Robert Frost continues to show the harm done to nature over time in Birches by representing the death of the birches themselves. “They are dragged to the withered bracken by the load, And they seem not to break; though once they are bowed So low for long, they never right themselves”.
While there are mass burnings and more deforestation happening at a quick note there are still those who believe that it can be avoided. Avoiding deforestation altogether or only mildly participating in it with safety precautions could drastically change the health of many factors in a positive way. It is the best way to prevent global warming and conserve wildlife. “Using less stuff, avoiding single-use packaging, eating sustainable food, and choosing recycled or responsibly-produced wood products,” are simple and easy ways to help the earth gain its health back. There are plenty of simple tasks that can keep earth, nature and the wildlife in it beautiful and flourishing. “Nature’s first green is gold, Her early leaf’s a flower”. Robert Frost notices that in the beginning nature is beautiful but as time goes on things happen to it that cause it to lose its gold and become dull. Through simple resourceful actions and decisions, nature can remain gold and healthy. It seems about time to start taking the condition of the earth seriously before it all becomes too late to make a change.
Deforestation and preserving nature are very important to the health of many factors in today’s society. Robert Frost helps people to understand the importance of nature in memories and beauty through Birches. He also showcases how easily nature can lose its spark and beauty over a short amount of time in Nothing Gold Can Stay by people and their actions. Conservationists fight every day for the well being of earth against big corporations and small businesses with all the money in the world. It is up to society and its people to control what happens next involving the health of this planet. Hopefully, through many signs from social media, poems, and living in the world provided to them, people will realize how important preserving the world around us truly is.

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