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Published: 2021-07-13 07:35:05
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This report details a summer internship I attended at BNC Network based in Sharjah, U. A. E. I worked as a Research Associate in the Research Analysis Department. I started my internship with BNC Network on 15 July 2018, and it ended on the 27th August 2018. I worked 9 hours a day for a month. The internship opportunity I had with BNC Network was a great chance for learning and professional development. Therefore, I consider myself as a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it. I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me though this internship period.
First, I would like to thank Mr. Monty D’Costa, the Accounts Officer in BNC Network for giving me an opportunity to do an internship within the organization, he instructed the rules and regulations to be followed, and the work ethics to maintain in the organization. I would also like to give my sincere thanks to Ms. Noopur Challa, the Team Leader in the Research Analysis Department. Even with her busy schedule, she would take out the time to assist and guide me with the tasks I performed daily and was extremely helpful in assisting me with anydifficulties I faced. I would express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Gurpreet Singh, the Lead Analyst and Mr. Nikhil Menezes the Technical Analyst, for their co-operative support and for their precious guidance which was extremely valuable for my study. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Avin Gidwani, the CEO of BNC Network for taking us under his wing, and sharing with us his knowledge and experience. He gave us a deep insight of the struggles faced in developing BNC, and how it began as a small company, and now with hard work and team effort from all department within the company; it has become one of the largest construction intelligence platform in the MENA region. Being given the opportunity to work with an organization that is the region’s largest construction intelligence platform, was throughout a great working experience. I acquired experience in the research industry and captured information that helped me understand the specifics of a market research sector.  Introduction
Building and Construction Network launched on July 6, 2004 tracks and interacts with government agencies, property investors, property developers, architects, engineering consultants, project managers, contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, agents and distributors that are involved with the construction industry to track their participation on construction projects in the Middle East and North Africa. Sector CoverageBNC systematically categorize projects to analyze market trends by sector, industry and project type. BNC covers construction projects, across all sectors including:

Industrial Sector: Industrial covers projects pertaining to heavy, medium and light manufacturing industries, as well as storage facilities and any related infrastructure.
Oil & Gas Sector: Oil & Gas covers projects through the entire hydro-carbon lifecycle starting from projects pertaining to exploration, to down-stream, mid-stream and up-stream facilities, including refining, manufacturing and storage.
Transport Sector: Transport covers construction that serves all modes of commuting including road, rail, marine, and aviation.
Utilities Sector: Utilities covers the spectrum of projects associated with the generation, storage and transportation of resources such as electricity, water and gas.
Urban Construction Sector: Urban Construction covers the entire gamut of building project types within a city.

Major project sub-classifications within this sector include residential/commercial buildings, healthcare, hospitality, leisure and recreation, religious buildings and retail. BNC covers construction projects in 25 industries across 5 key sectors and publishes over 2,000 construction analytics annually based on extensive research and analysis. Tracks 25,324 live construction projects with a value exceeding $7. 2 trillion (Dh26. 4 trillion). It publishes more than 250 project updates that are distributed amongst 73,000 executives and professionals every day. It is used by thousands of business leaders and construction industry professionals around the world to track developments, gain insight on projects and do business in the construction industry. Research Analysis DepartmentThe Research team comprises of trained and dedicated Field and Desk Researchers who track over 25,000 live construction projects and published updates on over 250 projects every day through primary and secondary research.
Information Technology Department

The IT team’s knowledge of construction is complemented by strong software development skills. This combination of strengths enables them to acquire and process greater volumes of data more efficiently than would otherwise be possible and to offer business intelligence products that are efficient and simple to use.

Their dedicated and specialized analysts work with the extensive data which they harness to conduct construction-centric market analysis with unparalleled certainty. They build relationships with thought leaders in each specific segment to obtain frontline market insights that translate data into powerful, actionable intelligence. Sales DepartmentThe sales team target their prospective clients, by promoting BNC AIR App which simplifies sales reports. Giving tutorials and conducting meetings with customers interested in the BNC AIR product. Presenting to clients the benefits of using AIR App, such as by using BNC AIR companies can have immediate online access to their target projects to keep them on top of their sales cycle. They practice various sales techniques to attract more customers. Marketing DepartmentThe marketing team is responsible for promoting and advertising the company and its product in the market and on social media platforms. They maintain the company’s reputation in the market. Graphic designers in the marketing department, create visual concepts, by using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. Accounting DepartmentAn accounts officer manages the financial bookkeeping and processes invoices, records payments, and track expenses every day.  
BNC Network offers information on over 4,500 UAE projects, in addition to offering an industry specific Desktop Directory, a Product Finder, a Contact Finder and an Event Finder for the building and construction industry. BNC Network allows comprehensive analysis and monitoring of the region’s construction industry. BNC Product FinderThe BNC Product Finder, launched in October 2005, is designed exclusively for the construction industry. It gives users various search options to look for building and construction products. Users access the system to identify multiple suppliers for a product or brand, as well a multiple manufacturer of a particular product. The BNC Product Finder provides information about manufacturers and agents/distributors in the entire GCC. It is unique in combining the features of a product directory with those of a brand directory. Another exclusive feature of this state-of-the-art new age information service is that it is cross-linked with a company database and a project database, which makes it possible to find multiple suppliers for a particular product and/or brand to evaluate a product’s project references.
BNC AIR launched in June 2016, is a construction centric business platform that revolutionizes the way business is done in the construction industry. AIR offers project intelligence, construction analytics and a unique sales management interface that brings it all together to create the most powerful construction intelligence tool available in the region by far. It is a revolutionary construction project-tracking and project-collaboration software that helps construction professionals to track projects, prepare for bids and collaborate through a smartphone application. The AIR App captures the big data and analyses them to offer a clear picture of each construction sector. The subscription-based smartphone application enables the consultants, engineers, construction professionals, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to monitor current and future tenders and new projects and helps increase sales with a stream of project leads. AIR stands for Analytics, Interact and Research. Analytics BNC Construction Analytics are used by C-level executives, risk analysts, marketing professionals, sales personnel, bankers and consultants to serve the operational and strategic needs of government entities, business consultancy firms, financial institutions, property developers, real estate agencies, engineering consultants, contactors and construction industry suppliers. BNC Analytics provide businesses with unprecedented insight into the GCC construction industry. The top 3 reasons businesses select BNC Construction Analytics are:Substantiated Underlying DataIdentify trends and market opportunities with infographics based on the most frequently updated project intelligence database in the region. SimplicitySignificantly reduce the complexity of studying markets and assembling business presentations with a range of ready to consume construction-centric analytics. Constant UpdatesKeep up and stay ahead with construction analytics that are frequently updated. The range of analytics offered include live charts, as well as monthly and quarterly analytic reports. Figure 1 BNC publishes a range of analytic reports based on BNC’s construction intelligence database as well as third party data.
Types of analytic reports that can viewed are research reports, infographic reports and dynamic chart InteractInteract is by design a simple yet extremely powerful, sales management system, for coordinating sales on construction projects. Interact enables sales teams to view construction intelligence and track their interactions with developers, consultants, contractors and others involved with a project as the project evolves through the construction cycle. Interact is used by Sales and Marketing Departments at companies that supply products and services to construction projects. Figure 2Interact enables customers to enter interactions against projects and companies, share interactions for better communication and coordination. Also, one can track reminders against project, companies, construction schedules and industry events and integrate with Outlook and Gmail calendars.
Research module provides construction project data and associated company details like the location (city & country), where the project is being established. A project information includes stage-wise tracking, actual and expected project timelines, as well as detailed contacts of key project stakeholders including owners, developers, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors, values of projects and tender details. The five stages of a project are concept stage, design stage, tender stage, on hold and under construction. Users can analyze past projects, track current projects and identify upcoming projects using the construction intelligence application (BNC AIR app).

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