Report on the Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV)

Published: 2021-07-04 14:15:05
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HIV is a sexually transmitted disease that affects approximately 100,000 people living in the UK, this report covers the services available for patients of HIV, the quality of life for people living with HIV and finally the services available for the family and partners of the people living with HIV.
Services available for HIV patients
A local service that is available for people living locally to Aberdeen is the Grampian Sexual Health Centre at the Aberdeen Community Health and Care Village, they aim to give a free, confidential service to people of any gender or sexual preference who require either HIV testing or give patients access on how to manage HIV. The NHS are a UK-wide healthcare system which can provide services to do with a number of medical conditions including HIV, they also provide help with testing, coping mechanisms and also phycological support from health advisors or an adult mental health nurse.Quality of life
Two factors which can enhance the quality of life for a patient living with HIV are:Support groups are available to discuss a patient’s feelings and concerns about having to live with HIV. Some patients suffering with HIV often find this a destressing and difficult life change to comprehend, speaking to a trained professional about your condition or concerns can often make a patient feel more comfortable and less embarrassed.Another way to improve quality of life is ensuring that the patient has a healthy diet as people who are HIV-positive require extra vitamins and minerals to help repair and heal damaged cells and eating food that is high in vitamins and minerals will help to boost a HIV patient’s immune system. A person diagnosed with HIV will need to ensure that they’re balanced diet without too much salt, sugary foods or processed fatty foods.
Services for significant others and family members
A couple or family member who are struggling to deal with the news of a HIV-positive test result can attend counselling sessions which help the family or couple to discuss and express their thoughts and concerns of the condition and how to deal with a HIV diagnosis in the right way. Therapy can help couples and families to express their emotions and feelings as finding out that your significant other has HIV can be a stressful life change and adaptions will often have to be made to lifestyle choices as mentioned before.
Another way significant others and family members can cope with their loved one’s diagnosis with HIV is by using the online services such as one to one telephone support to help discuss and give more information about living with someone with HIV. These online services have trained professionals and also volunteers who have shared experiences on hand to talk to.
In conclusion although HIV is currently an incurable condition, HIV can be easier managed by using support systems for the patient and family. Self-help for HIV can be found online where a person who has been diagnosed can receive confidential advice and help whilst staying anonymous.

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