Reproductive Problem & Children's Death - Problems Worldwide

Published: 2021-07-05 22:20:05
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Health is more important than survival. Every year millions of children dies in many countries. Millions of children dies due to preventable causes. Its hard believe that almost 22,000 under the age 5 dies everyday. Among them 92% are in Africa and asia. Due to lack of knowledge most birth death happens at home.
Reproductive problems are still an important issues throughout the world. Malnourished children falls sick easily. They have deaseases like diarrhoea, measles, infections etc. I choose this topic of child health because childrens are the most important segment of the society. Without them we cant go ahead. If our next generation falls sick or die at a younger age it will be very threat for us. It’s a problem for not only for Bangladesh but also for the other countries too. Child health problem is a global problem. Even Unicef having a hard time preventing children’s death. For example Unicef spent 27 Us dollars to reduce child death in west Africa but they faild to reduce it. Due to many poor advise, faulty health care system, corruption, lack of knowledge many children dies at a very younger age. For these types of reasons child health is a very important issue throughout the world, that,s why I choose this topic.Though there is some improvement in child mortality rate in Bangladesh but that’s not good enough. Mortality rate under 5 year old declined from 152 to 94 per 1000 birth. But this number is still too high. The main causes of these types of deaths are Pneumonia, diarrhoea, measles, malaria, malnutrition, injuries and the high number of neonatal deaths, and poor care-seeking behavior.
Though Bangladesh is a lower middle income country still there are poor diet during pregnancy and also poor diet for children too. May be the main reason behind this is status of woman in our society, food insecurity, poverty, and social inequalities. While pregnancy 36% of mothers in rural and 23% in urban don’t get health workers in 30 min distance. Almost 28% of mothers don’t get health care in 2 km. This is one of the reason that increase child mortality.
There are also other reasons such as childs are not properly breastfeed 6 moths tthese type of things hampers their immune system. Other problems such as scarcity of pure water, Unhealthy sanitation system hampers child health in our country. Almost 53% urban and 42% rural area’s women do not increase their dietary during pregnancy. It’s also affect child health. They Cant grow up in a proper way for malnutrition in their mother’s womb for this reason. Although child marriage is decreasing in Bangladesh but it stills happens in Bangladesh at a shocking rate. Bearing a child before 18 years old still has an alarming rate.84% child died by 7 major causes around the world. Those causes are neonatal problems, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and injuries.
Undernutration plays a vital role in child’s death. Almost 35% child died by undernutrition around the world. Malnutration increases the probability of getting diseases. Proverty is the main reason of early death of children. Beacause of proverty parents cant give their child proper sanitation, clean water, better diet, clean environment etc. Almost 1 billion people earns 1.25 dollars per day around the world. Poverty is the biggest threat of childs health. Babies from woman with no education die faster almost 2.5 times faster before their 1st birthday.

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