Review of Movie Adaptation of Angels and Demons

Published: 2021-08-02 17:10:09
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In the movie Angels and Demons, the Camerlengo believes that “science and religion are not enemies. There are simply some things that science is too young to understand, so the church pleads to stop, slow down, think, wait… And for this they call us backward. Who is more ignorant… The man who cannot define lightning… or the man who does not respect it’s natural awesome power?” I do not agree with the Camerlengo. I would answer this question by telling him that in this day and age, the man who cannot define lightning is more ignorant.
The Camerlengo needs to accept that science has proven religion wrong when it comes to understanding the world and why we live in it. There are many people, like the Camerlengo, who have stuck to their religious upbringings regarding modern society. Before this modern era, almost everyone believed in Gods because no one could explain why humans existed, or why it rained, or how hurricanes happened, or death. People, in the past, that were uneducated needed explanations to tell their family and children why things were occurring to spread a feeling of control in a world that they could not explain.Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Primal-indigenous (some of the main religion across the world) all started as a story that a prophet spread and gained followers from. That story evolved into more stories, and from those lessons and morals, religion became a rule giver regarding human being behavior. These religions taught the followers how to be a good person and follow the rules of their specific God or Gods. The only way people could control the actions of others was by telling the mass majority that they are always being watched by something, to keep them from doing bad things.
The benefits of religion is that it gives people faith. Religious people have this faith that if they are good people, then they will be blessed to live their afterlives in a good place. Imagine one of your family members pass away, wouldn’t you want a place to share your afterlife with them and your other family members for eternity? This is one of the most compelling aspects when it comes to religion.
The idea of an afterlife is integrated into all religions, basically saying that if you’re a good person and follow the religion’s rules then you will get into a good afterlife. The faith that the glorious afterlife exists is one of the main reasons people like the Camerlengo stand by religion so strongly. That and the fear of original sin combined make people want to be good.(Foster) This is the Last Judgment tympanum on the Church of Sainte‐Foy in France. This shows the people who worked hard to be good for jesus being allowed in to heaven, and the bad people being tortured by the devil in hell. Since heaven is a main reason people are religious, it is also a main reason people do not want to accept the scientific reasonings that are able to explain the world to all of humankind.
There are many people that believe they can be a good person in their life and not have a direct correlation to any God or religious traditions. This concept has evolved through the recent generations, which is defined as people that choose not to participate in religion, whatsoever. They opt out of the church going, the religious traditions and having faith in something bigger out there controlling everything.
This is a radical and scientifically accepted approach, given that scientists cannot prove that there are any Gods that exists. The number of Americans who identify as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular are often lumped together under the umbrella term of “nones”. This group of people has been continuously rising with the direct correlation to people not going to church.
(Evins). The “nones” believe that they are simply on the earth to make the best life they can for themselves. Who is to say that you need to be religious to be a good person? No matter if there is pressure from religious societies, that is a decision that every individual should make on their own.
In the modern world, we have discovered how the nature of these non human phenomenons work through science. Because we have these explanations, society does not rely on religion anymore. Granted, there are still a lot of people that are religious, but The American Family Survey, an annual national survey conducted by the Deseret News and the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University, “found that just 43% of Americans viewed religion as a core component of their identity in 2018” (Riess). The amount of people that stood for religion was way higher in the past decades, and is now as low as it has ever seen.
There will always be some people that do not like the idea of letting science take over their minds and defend their religious upbringing ideals, like the Camerlengo. But these people need to accept that there are scientific explanations to why humans exist, why rain falls, why hurricanes occur, or why people die. Those answers are evolution, the precipitation system, global warming, and sicknesses.
These scientific explanations also respect the lightning (from the Camerlengo’s question) and it’s natural awesome power but with an intellectual understanding of why such phenomena happen. People are able to understand so many more concepts in the modern age and relying on religious explanations should be left behind in an era when it was necessary. Most scientists and people who back up scientific explanations of these phenomena, respect that people have religious beliefs and only accept the idea that God is the reason we are in this world. However, these explanations should be taught to the mass majority. It is necessary to be able to ensure that people are educated and have all of the facts since modern science overrules the ignorance of the past necessary religious explanations.
It is hard to decipher between religion and science when one has been raised to believe fully in their religion’s ideas and traditions. Nobody invites change into their lives when they are used to a specific way of living and thinking. When someone is told what to believe from birth and certain ideas are enforced throughout their everyday lives, being malleable with their beliefs is unlikely. It makes sense that they do not like the change from their prior beliefs, but they should be open-minded to modern science.
The Camerlengo says that religion and science should not be enemies, however since they clash regarding beliefs, it is understandably difficult for religious people to be against science and science to be against religion. The only way to get passed their differences, is to know that religion is faith based and science is fact based.
The Carmenlego from Angels and Demons is a good example of someone who was born and raised to fully believe in his religion. Although in the end he turned out to be the bad guy, his question of “Who is more ignorant… The man who cannot define lightning… or the man who does not respect it’s natural awesome power?”. This can be answered by the man who is more ignorant is the man who only respects the lightnings natural power and is not open minded to understanding why the lightning is occurring. Therefore, the religious people who are not open minded to letting scientific theories explain the world, are also ignorant.

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