Review of The Road not Taken by Robert Frost

Published: 2021-07-06 21:35:04
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In stanza one, the speaker realizes that it is unlikely that he will ever have the opportunity to come back to this specific point in time because his choice of path will simply leas to other diverged road and other decisions, after choosing one of the lanes he tells himself that he will come back to this diverged road one day in order to try the other road. The speaker comes upon diverted path while walking through yellow woods, he ends up wondering and thinking what would’ve happen if he chose the path that’s taken more often than the less worn. He concedes both paths are equal.
Stanza two discusses when he first saw the two diverged roads, the paths are describes as radically the same, in terms of beauty, both lanes are equally decent. He uses the road as a metaphor for life, he mimics it as our lives a path that were walking through a vague journey.In stanza three, the audience is presented with there was once moderate doubts in his heart if this was once the route to his destination and if it will ever carry him back home. While most of us cease to the doubt and pick out the convenient track. He explains both his fear and dedication to journey on a new route.
In stanza four, the poet reveals that in years he will be telling people that he made the right decision thus he didn’t regret anything or did the choice that he made had an impact on his life. The main idea that the poet wants to convey to his audience is that everyone has to make a difficult decision in life and that it’s made forever. The poem talks about a vicious circle where if he makes a decision he knows that he can’t come back from.
The road diverged or split apart perhaps, he felt sorry for himself for not taking both, where he stands there trying to make settlement to which road he should take. He wants to go down both lanes but he stood there looking at the less worn path where the grass is growing and flowers growing underneath looks both ways and He chooses the less experienced path where he wants to go out and to explore the world. He couldn’t make up his mind so he thought that if he took the one less traveled he will still end up in the same place where he wanted to be caused after all they’re both equal. Therefore people should always make the right decision by thinking of the consequences and what may happen in the future as well as you can always try different option.
One line in the poem that affected me was “ because it was grassy and wanted wear ,”he was trying to tell us that it seemed like people take the easy way out rather than going on a different lain and that it hasn’t been walked on. because sometimes people don’t like change and some do, they like to challenge themselves more or is a risk taker, by that making a really tough decision A line in the poem that surprised me was “I took the one less traveled” he tells us that he took the one less traveled moreover he said it looked “less worn” or wanted wear but actually both roads were both equal. People tend have different perspective and ideas and by that it means they are trying to challenge themselves by taking an opportunity to go out and explore more. Reading this poem could help me in the future in several ways. For example, people get really frustrated when it comes to making really rigid decisions and sometimes you’ll need someone to push you a little to get your mind set on the right decision that maybe you wanted to take.

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