School Benefits Local Groups - How Schools Can Successfully Partner

Published: 2021-07-26 02:00:09
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In my written assignment I will be discussing the benefits of a school developing partnerships with external parties. I will be exploring the benefits this brings to pupils, teachers and local groups whilst also considering the responsibilities of the school and the variety of roles a school holds in the local community. I will also go into the challenges such partnerships could introduce.
Schools can receive many benefits when working with local groups. Examples of local groups are parents, sports clubs, colleges, police and church. “The importance of good schooling and parenting is well recognised, but the importance of how schools and families relate is much less understood’. Parents becoming more involved with their child’s education wether that is helping them with their homework, attending parents night or becoming more supportive and motivating in their child’s education could have a huge impact. Encouraging the child to take more interest and to put more effort into their learning could benefit the child with “Improved attainment, increased attendance and better behaviour”. If parents are becoming more involved with their child’s learning this could highly motivate the child in wanting to succeed where as if a parent is taking no interest with the child’s learning, the child could potentially think that their education is not important and isn’t something that should concern them. It is also the schools responsibility to involve the parents the best they can and as a lot of parents work this means they can’t always attend parent evenings. In order to make sure parents are not missing out, St Pauls High School stopped parents night all together and “It was replaced with a week-long opportunity for parents to visit the school at a time of their choosing”. This had a great impact as parents can still get involved with their child’s education at a time suited to them and “The new approach resulted in immediate increase in average parental attendances with 2007 figures reaching as high as 95%”.Local groups would also look to integrate themselves into a school as it brings them many benefits. Some of these benefits include the number of people attending will go up, more opportunities for employment, they will become more well known and start to have a good reputation and they will have use of school facilities and more space. Sports clubs can sometimes struggle for members so by introducing their clubs to schools it gives the local group lots of different people with different interests to join. The club can also “Inspire young people to work for them and securing talent flow”. This ensures that the club stays in business and has more people attending and speaking about it. It also gives them the opportunity to give back to their community. Another example is to involve different charity work within school. Fun things such as own clothes day encourages much more students to get involved and will bring in donations to participate. With this taking place in a school, it has a lot of people taking part which will benefit the charity as it will bring in a lot more money.
Although local groups can bring many benefits to schools and vice versa, it isn’t always that easy as both groups may face many challenges. Many clubs face a number of problems with one of the main challenges being funding issues. Sports clubs need to be able to bring in enough money in order to additionally cover any repairs and replacements. A lot of sports club get very little or no funding support at all. “Many clubs reported frustration that they did not appear to have access to information about grants and many clubs appear to struggle with fundraising and sponsorship, and a large majority have limited opportunities for earning trading income”. This shows us how much local groups are struggling whilst trying to benefit themselves. More challenges faced by parents is the involvement of their child’s education at home. Being a single parent can be challenging as you don’t have extra support to help you, especially if you have more than one child this is much more stress as you need to support and advise for more than one child. Also, “parents lack of knowledge about subject curriculum and teaching methodology or parents lack provision of guidance on how to help and support learning at home”. This suggests also that the child’s parents may have dropped out of school earlier and wasn’t very well educated or maybe it’s just the fact they haven’t been to school in a long time and things have changed so their not able to support and help their child as much as they would hope.
In conclusion, schools are much more than a place for education and plays a broader role in society. Local groups need to work together as part of a community to achieve more beneficial outcomes for themselves and others. Local groups benefits schools in many different ways and the same with schools benefiting local groups. Both face many challenges but by working together in partnership they can solve these issues.

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